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Nose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your HandTitle:
Nose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand by Len Napolitano

Wine should enhance life, not complicate it.

But you stress at reading a wine list, right? And it sounds like a different language when people talk about wine, doesn’t it? That’s how wine columnist Len Napolitano felt when he was a self-conscious wine amateur until he cut through a web of peculiar wine terms and complex subjects and transitioned into a practical wine professional.

Now, in this informative and entertaining new book, Nose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand, Napolitano takes you from wine beginner to wine savvy. He fits a bounty of useful information into 50 concise answers to common, yet critical, wine questions and concludes each chapter with enlightening, hands-on wine tasting exercises to do at home.

As you begin to understand wine and appreciate its potential to complement so much in life, you open new possibilities for joyful experiences in socializing, dining, and everyday living. So, let the wine education begin! From learning the basics of wine to discovering the how’s and why’s of a great wine, your confidence will grow when talking about wine and choosing it in any situation.

Author Bio:
Len Napolitano was enjoying a successful career in engineering when he realized his skills in technical sales, writing, and marketing could be combined with his passion for-and knowledge in-wine. That’s when he exchanged his calculator for a cabernet. He began a new profession explaining complexity with clarity in his weekly wine column, “Wineology: Intelligence for the Wine Consumer,” in Southern California’s Ventura County Star newspaper. Len later became the “wineologist” on TV’s Fine Living Network TV (now the Cooking Channel) from 2003 to 2010 giving valuable wine tips to viewers. Certified in wine by both the Society of Wine Educators and the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, Len is currently the wine columnist for Sonoma-based Wine Country This Week magazine.

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