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This book is an integration of self-love and human qualities that will enable you to become a successful self-marketeer. As a guidebook, practical instruction and actionable advice and insights are simply explained to improve your personal brand recognition.

Extensive coverage is lent to the importance of character building, with doses of humor that fill the pages and keep you engaged through the 55 short chapters. A psychic approach to “reading people” aids in establishing new relationships, and always reaching sales goals in the business world.

A tact on conversational speak style of writing using metaphors, quotes, and short stories makes this book entertaining and easily understandable, with a powerful message that will enhance your way of life.

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Author Bio

Rick Breitweiser, CPS-AD, is a person in LTR (long term recovery), former multiple business owner, and industry top salesman. He is also an inventor and multiple patent holder. Rick is a former semi-professional soccer player and ski instructor. As a person in recovery, he has written and published books on the subject, and on self-improvement. As an addiction specialist, Rick has served as alumni president of the treatment campus he attended in 2018. His obvious creative makeup has led him down a path of authorship and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of other.

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