Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold


Speaking Out on Governance: What Stakeholders Say About the Revolution is a collection of enlightening interviews with highly experienced participants in the corporate world. Each conversation explores two core questions: what is the purpose of the modern corporation, and what is the role of its board of directors?

While there are several common themes, the breadth and depth of the varied points of view provide rare insight into the cloistered and mysterious world of the corporate boardroom.

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Author Bio

Who am I? I am a veteran director with a long history of addressing corporate challenges. I have served more than 20 boards, public, private, healthy, and distressed, and worked with many others as advisor to the board or interim CEO. I also built and sold various businesses of my own. Today I live in rural Mississippi, continue my board service, and am renovating and repurposing 20 19C buildings near the Courthouse Square.

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