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Board members not meeting performance expectations is one of the most challenging issues faced by nonprofit organizations and causes considerable frustration among nonprofit leaders—and they usually place the blame on board members.

However, much of what has been written on this topic is based on opinions and experiences of staff professionals, with solutions focused on more training of the board members. Yet the problem persists. So whatever advice that has been offered hasn’t worked. This book is different.

Author and expert leadership consultant Hardy Smith shows that most difficulties contributing to boards not performing as desired are self-inflicted by leaders who repeat flawed practices that could be avoided. As a result, Smith provides what numerous other books on this topic have not: truly effective solutions.

Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game

• uses feedback from a wide variety of board members to reveal their unique perspectives

• explains why performance problems exist

• identifies realistic, results-oriented solutions

• shares proven how-tos for taking action

This book is the only guide you need to improve the engagement and effectiveness of your board and strengthen relationships. It will constructively transform your organization.

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Author Bio

Hardy Smith is a consultant and speaker who works with leaders who want to stop frustration with their volunteer boards. Through board retreats, workshops, keynotes, and planning sessions, Hardy provides solutions to board engagement challenges. Hardy’s extensive experience with diverse organizations provides the basis for his comprehensive book Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game, an instant Amazon Bestseller. His results-oriented approach and ability to solve complex problems were developed during his longtime career in the high-performance world of NASCAR racing. That experience included strategic planning for some of the country’s largest sports and entertainment facilities and spectator events. Hardy has also had more than a decade of senior leadership experience in local government, which further refined his skills in improving organizational performance. Hardy has wide-ranging personal and professional involvement with nonprofits, associations, chambers of commerce, and community groups nationwide. He has held numerous local, state, and national volunteer leadership positions that have further contributed to his in-depth understanding of nonprofit needs. Hardy is a member of the National Speakers Association, Association of Fundraising Professionals, BoardSource, Florida Society of Association Executives, ASAE, and Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives. Hardy is also a faculty member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management.

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