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Author Name: Thom Disch


Slip, trip, and fall injuries represent a healthcare crisis in the United States!

Since 1999, we have reduced deaths from heart disease 15%. Deaths caused by auto accidents are down 12%. But deaths from falls have increased over 150%. Both injuries and deaths caused by falls are at record highs and the problem continues to grow. We’ve learned how to fix the human heart and we have made driving safer. Now is the time to focus on preventing fall injuries.

Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits in the US, with over 9 million injuries in 2014. Stop the Slip shows how you can prevent these injuries. Thom Disch combines personal, real life stories with an in-depth look at this problem. Everyone falls, but falls don’t just happen, they’re preceded by other events. When you eliminate those events, you reduce the risk of falling. Following the simple five step A-L-E-R-T System™ will reduce your risk of falling.

As you read this book you’ll also discover many interesting and surprising facts. For example: Falls kill 7 times more people than the flu. Winter weather appears to be a much smaller cause of fall deaths than you might expect. Falls cause nearly 4 times more emergency room visits than auto accidents.

There is undeniable proof that falls are preventable. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn how you can reduce the risk of a fall injury.

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Author Bio:

A leading expert and speaker on slip, trip, and fall injuries in the United States, Thom Disch has been compiling statistics and stories related to this healthcare crisis for ten years. He is a serial entrepreneur and owns several companies and nationally known brands, including Handi-Ramp (, PetSTEP International (, and Industrial Toolz, Inc. (

Thom has developed dozens of products for the specific purpose of reducing and preventing slips, trips and falls. These products have won awards for innovation and many of his designs are patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office. He has sold millions of dollars of fall prevention products and solutions to homeowners, businesses and governmental offices. For more information about these slip, trip and fall prevention products visit

Thom holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oakland University and a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University.

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