Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Harness the power of story to access more flow in your life. Story and Structure tells the untold story of how story works. Using just six primary symbols, it outlines eighteen story structures and shows how they all contain optimal solutions to the different kinds of problems which give rise to each of them. The book starts where Christopher Booker and Joseph Campbell leave off. It reveals hitherto unfathomed depths to narrative, demonstrates a much wider application of storytelling than is generally perceived and presents story as a dynamic force of life. Writers, storytellers, creative writing teachers, folklorists, narrative therapists, anthropologists, poets, and readers interested in how story works will all find this book useful and informative. Rethink your idea of story. 

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Author Bio

Leon Conrad is a storyteller, and story structure consultant, based in London, UK. He is the author of History Riddles, Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System (with David Pinto), and Aesop the Storyteller. Find out more at