Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Chartered Accountant, CFO, Speaker, and Cash Flow Queen, Amanda Fisher shares her own stories and mistakes in building successful service businesses reflecting on the struggles and challenges and how each required focusing on different numbers.

In Strangled By The Numbers, you will:

  • Learn how to focus on the right numbers first depending on the challenge you’re facing
  • Go behind the scenes and see how she faced, managed, and overcame core business challenges by using what was to become her signature Profitable Service Business FrameworkTM
  • Learn how to put the 9 key elements of the Profitable Service Business FrameworkTM to work for you
  • Fast-track your business growth and success by learning from Amanda’s insights
  • Be inspired to take action to set and attain your business goals

Whether you want to accelerate your business, avoid expensive growth mistakes, or you’re trying to come to grips with your numbers, Strangled By The Numbers is for you.

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Author Bio

Amanda Fisher aka The Cash Flow Queen is a Financial Educator, CFO, Chartered Accountant, speaker, and author. She specialises in helping business owners to understand their numbers to make better business decisions to build their dream businesses.

Having worked with many business owners for over 30 plus years, she realised that 95% have no education in financial literacy. As a result, Amanda’s on a mission to fill this void using her easy-to-understand educational style through her books, articles, videos, and online programs.