Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Divorce is STUPID: selfish, time-consuming, unnerving, painful, inconsiderate, and debt-inducing.

But sometimes, it is inevitable.

In STUPID Divorce, Vincent Fudge II, certified marriage therapist and multi-award-winning author of a guide on marital communication for men, confronts head-on the details of an unsalvageable marriage—his own.

Part searing self-reflection and part self-help manual on the nitty-gritty of divorce, this groundbreaking guide alternates between quasi-fictional memoir and practical advice, revealing both the emotional impact of divorce and the path through it. Fudge addresses money, lawyers, division of property, custody battles, consequences, and grief with emotional honesty. Additionally, he offers wisdom as only a survivor can.

Insightful, emotion-provoking, and relatable, STUPID Divorce offers an honest perspective on the dissolution of marriage that is full of wisdom and encouragement to help navigate the traumatic marital separation experience. Anyone seeking guidance on how to navigate through separation will find STUPID Divorce a must-read.

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Author Bio

After dropping out of high school and falling into criminal activity, Vincent Fudge II overcame homelessness and turned his life around by enlisting in the US Army. He leveraged his military educational benefits to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication. He then became a certified marriage and family therapist and wrote SMART Love, a semi-autobiographical, award-winning book that describes a self-help system for men to improve communication and quality in relationships, inspired by his own marital missteps. In an effort to wring positivity from pain for the benefit of others, Fudge also wrote STUPID Divorce to help men cope with the financial, family, and emotional devastation of dissolving a life partnership. He currently lives with his family in San Antonio, Texas, where he is earning a PhD in Psychology.


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