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Women face unique challenges when it comes to managing finances.

Society tells us we should be caregivers who put everyone in our families before ourselves, including financially. Data shows women tend to live longer than men, meaning we need more money during retirement, but we tend to earn and save less because of our role in child rearing and caring for older family members. As a result, many women feel overwhelmed by financial planning and avoid the conversation altogether.

Super Woman Wealth is a guide to empower professional women to take an active role in their finances. It addresses women’s unique relationships with money and offers practical advice on becoming more comfortable with financial planning and management. Ladies, it’s time to learn how to nurture our money, protect our wealth, and take control of our financial future.

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Author Bio

Regina McCann Hess has dedicated her career to helping people put the full power of their financial resources and life experiences to work toward pursuing their personal vision of a successful future. With more than two decades of financial planning experience behind her, Regina founded Forge Wealth Management so that she could offer clients a truly independent advisory partnership. As president, she enjoys the freedom she has to define the success of her firm on her own terms. For Regina, this means forming long-lasting relationships with clients who value clear and honest counsel and commit themselves to a collaborative financial planning approach.

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