Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Have you ever dreamed about living your best life? The Alphabet Circle Journey™: Living Your Best Life is a thought provoking inspirational book and an A to Z exploration of the deeply held ties that bind all humanity and the invaluable knowledge released when they’re broken. The Alphabet Circle Journey™: Living Your Best Life brings together for the first time a parallel between the laws of chemistry and human relationships. Through her concept of dual existence, Maxine Wright-Walters, Ph.D., reveals how and why relationships form and end and how relinquishing ego allows for soul-level unions more fulfilling than those purely physical. She skillfully uses metaphors to intertwine human behavior with the philosophy of the universe and provides tools to deal with relationships. And with her code for extracting the secret information expressed at a friendship or romance’s end, you’ll soon be linking ever-tighter with those you love and taking hold of joy.

Do you ever second-guess yourself? Have you wondered why certain relationships end the way they do? Do you believe your life should be going in a different direction than it is? Then this book will bring you the clarity you seek and set you on a positive path to your heart’s desire.

In The Alphabet Circle Journey, you’ll discover:

  • A chemistry-based letter-by-letter outline for stirring ease into your world
  • How to absorb life’s lessons to overcome emotional pain and put the pep back in your step
  • Methods to capitalize on every interaction and fill your life with deeper significance
  • What you can control when relationships end and why the loss is your gain
  • Personal wisdom, expert anecdotes, and much, much more!

The Alphabet Circle Journey™: Living Your Best Life is an innovative guide for building on social breakups and bolstering your existing connections to live your best life. If you like bold theories, broadly influenced philosophies, and well-structured analysis, then you’ll love Maxine Wright-Walters Ph.D.’s astounding guide


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Author Bio

Maxine Wright-Walters, Ph.D., is a mother, nature lover, author, and scientist who loves people. She is also a certified behavioral coach, a certified life coach, public speaker, and consultant who focuses on teaching and helping people to live their own best lives.

Arriving in her forties, Dr. Wright-Walters embarked upon a best life journey. It was while on this quest she discovered The Alphabet Circle Journey™.


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