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What happens when Marine Corps Leadership meets real world business? No magic wand can transform a person into an incredible leader overnight; however, The Everyday Leader does promise that anyone looking to grow their leadership skills can do so if they follow these 14 Marine Corps Leadership Traits. When these 14 traits are put into practice, business professionals and everyday people can evolve into the type of leader they seek, one who succeeds in business and in life. The Everyday Leader pulls back the curtain on the US Marine Corps. Describing the lives of the leaders who help protect their freedom every single day; men and women who led through war and times of peace, whose leadership traits and principles are taught from the moment they enter bootcamp and whose values they carry long after they leave the military.

The Everyday Leader:

  • Goes behind the Marine Corps curtain to bring you leadership traits that you can use today.
  • Explains how the 14 Marine Corps Leadership Traits can help you become a stronger, better, more consistent leader.
  • Unleashes the leadership potential in everyone.

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Author Bio

Michael Crockett (USMC, Ret.) served the U.S. military for 23 years, in combat as a member of the legendary “fighting” Fifth Marines and as a senior Leader at the School of Infantry. An expert in the Marines’ Fourteen Leadership Traits, he oversaw units at Seal Beach, CA, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CA and was the Senior Marine Corps Official at the U.S. Embassies in Kathmandu and Berlin. Michael retired from the Marine Corps in 2018 and is a sought-after speaker and consultant on military leadership and bringing the strong foundations and structure of military leadership into organizations. He is the head of Business Operations and Leadership Development for Gig Talent, alongside his wife, Hema. They live in San Diego, California.

Hema Crockett is an award-winning business leader, entrepreneur and former HR executive who led successful teams in the private sector as well as internationally for the US State Department and the Department of Justice. She is the co-founder of Gig Talent, a modern talent collective connecting vetted high-caliber independent talent with forward-thinking organizations. Hema is a highly sought-after speaker on a range of topics in entrepreneurship, leadership, organizational culture and building diverse teams. She has been published in Forbes and Thrive Global, among other publications. Hema is also co-author of Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures: How to Develop Companies Where Employees Thrive.

Both Michael and Hema live in San Diego.


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