Nonfiction Book Award Status: SILVER
Nonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150


The Front Row is a Shields memoir documenting his 30 years in the newspaper business covering the historical events of our time, interviewing everyone from presidents to Space Shuttle players. Shields also gives readers the backstory of his breaking out of Philadelphia’s “white ghetto,” and struggling with mental illness, alcoholism, financial ruin, and a stormy marriage. With dozens of five-star Amazon reviews, the book has been called the best and most honest book on American newspapers.

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Author Bio

Gerry Shields is a five-time author and award-winning reporter writing for major publications such as the Baltimore Sun, New York Post, and Philadelphia Inquirer. His previous historical books include The Good of the Order: America’s Last 80 Years through the Eyes of One Tiny Veterans Club, Phutile to Phinally: 10,000 Losses and One Life as a Phillies Fan, and The Content of Their Character: Race and Baltimore’s 1999 Mayoral Race


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