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The Energy Wake-Up Call for Americans
The all-in stance in favor of renewables has rendered Europe vulnerable to Putin. And America is in danger of making the same catastrophic mistake. The Green Real Deal exposes the danger of plans like the Green New Deal—and reveals the truth about U.S. energy, national
• Why Russia is spreading propaganda to destroy hydraulic fracturing and divide democracy
• Three faulty accusations behind protests against pipelines
• The inconvenient truths of “green” energy

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Author Bio

Bill Herrington worked as a laborer on pipeline construction crews during the summers of 1979 and 1980. His first pipeline job was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, three months after the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, just south of Harrisburg. After graduating from Louisiana State University, Herrington began a 35-year career in corporate banking, which included a focus on the energy service industry in south Louisiana and Texas. He has completed the Harvard Business School general manager program and is now a private equity and private credit investor based in Houston, Texas. Herrington’s first book, Contraflow, won the 2017 Independent Publisher Bronze Medal for Best Regional Nonfiction (South U.S.).

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