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Most of us focus on thinking positively to create what we really want in life. But, science shows it’s actually our feelings that matter most.

In her relatable and engaging way, psychologist and researcher, Melanie Dean, PhD, explains not just WHAT to do to shift your emotions and focus your energy to attract the people, things and opportunities you want most in life, but HOW and WHY it works.

Once you understand that your feelings and emotions are real energy waves that go out into the world and connect with (or repel) others, you can start to notice and shift your emotions – and intentionally direct your energy – so you are sending out the waves that will connect with what you really want.

By reading The Hidden Power of Emotions, you will discover:

  • There is a whole world of energy at work in, around, and through you.
  • Your emotions, which are more powerful than your thoughts, create energy waves that leave your body, connecting with similar energy.
  • Your emotions are the way in which you receive communication back from the shared energy field.
  • How to purposefully direct your emotions to connect you with what you want to receive.

Every chapter offers a bit of science followed by some specific tips and strategies to help you apply the information in your everyday life. Each chapter provides a Power Zapper section of common struggles that weaken your power and a Power Booster section of recommendations for increasing your personal power.

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Author Bio

Melanie Dean, Ph.D., is a psychologist who has spent her career helping people work with their thoughts and feelings to achieve their own personal goals. She is on the board of Unity World Headquarters. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri and you can visit her online and subscribe to her free podcast at

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