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Now is the time to make the choice: adapt or collapse.

We are on the precipice of one of the biggest evolutions in economic history. Welcome to the Metaverse workplace, a virtual world that acts as the primary place of business for an organization and where employees report to work as digital avatars. Though much has been theorized about this virtual realm, there is now proof that this work model can optimize your organization’s potential. As the prevalence and capabilities of the Metaverse continue to grow, business leaders who embrace its possibilities will be positioned to capture a unique competitive advantage.

In this book, Jason Gesing, a pioneer in leading and growing global organizations within virtual work environments, provides a comprehensive framework and actionable strategies so you can leverage this virtual terrain. Between topical research, case studies of organizations “going meta,” and the author’s own decade of experience in a Metaverse workplace, this book addresses the twelve focal points that should be at the top of any business leader’s mind as they consider a Metaverse work model—from productivity and profitability to social equality and corporate well-being.

This book is a call for business leaders to embrace the new digital revolution that will expand your work potential beyond anything you imagined possible.

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Author Bio

Jason Gesing, a pioneer in Metaverse-based work environments since 2010 and an attorney, is the cofounder and CEO of OMNUS Technologies, Inc., and OMNUS Law. OMNUS companies are dedicated to transforming and improving the lives of attorneys and other service professionals by using technology to reduce costs and unlock dominant competitive advantages. Prior to OMNUS, Jason served as the CEO of eXp Realty, a Metaverse-based real estate brokerage and, at the end of 2022, the largest independent real estate company in the world. Jason helped lead and drive the growth of eXp Realty from fewer than 50 agents in early 2010 to more than 86,000 agents and brokers across 24 countries at the end of 2022. Jason is committed to fostering civility, equal opportunity, and access to justice and actively supports individuals and organizations dedicated to combating disinformation in the digital age.

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