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The Overseas Fabulous Pinay is a comprehensive, easy-to-read, and light-hearted handbook written especially for professional Filipino women.

Have you ever wondered what it takes for someone to live abroad? If you are moving overseas, do you know how to plan your move? Where do you start? And if you are already living abroad, how can you make your life more meaningful and fun? If you are seeking answers to any of the questions above, this book is for you!

The book draws from the author’s learnings and personal experience from years of living overseas across three continents, four countries and five cities. It is full of guidance and practical tips to survive life abroad while being confident, sophisticated and responsible–the embodiment of an Overseas Fabulous Pinay. From planning an overseas move to integrating in one’s host country, it answers burning questions such as:

⁃ What survival skills do you need to learn before moving abroad?
⁃ What do you need to know and prepare before your move?
⁃ What do you need to prioritize within the first six months of arriving in your destination?
⁃ How do you beat homesickness?
⁃ What are the five rules that will help you succeed professionally abroad?
⁃ How do you make friends in a foreign country?
⁃ What are the six practical questions to make you more financially conscious?
⁃ What is the secret formula to help you integrate in your host country?
⁃ How can you continue enjoying life abroad?
…and much more!

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Donna Avellana Künzler was born and raised in Cavite, Philippines. An accounting degree holder and Information Technology Auditor/Consultant for most of her career, her ovfabpinay life started in 2001 when she relocated to Singapore for work. She continued her adventures in the US (San Jose, California) and then across the pond in the UK (London) before finally ending up in Switzerland (Basel and then Zurich). She works for a Swiss global company, responsible for finance process governance and standardization in the finance organization. She and her husband currently live in Zurich where she is transitioning from ovfabpinay to ovfabpinaymom with the recent addition of their daughter to the family.

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