THE PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY PLAYBOOKCongratulations on your silver book award!


To do their best, every employee needs to feel safe, supported, and heard. Whether you’re a manager, CEO, or entrepreneur, The Psychological Safety Playbook is the guide you need to lead your team to the highest levels of performance.

This playbook invites you to explore twenty-five specific actions that will increase psychological safety in your workplace. You can start anywhere–all the plays and moves are self-contained!

Written by Karolin Helbig, an executive mindset coach with a doctorate in human genetics, and Minette Norman, a leadership consultant with decades of experience in the tech sector, this is essential reading for leaders who are ready to foster psychological safety in their teams.

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Author Bio

Karolin Helbig is a mindset coach for executives, holds a PhD in human biology, and is an expert in mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. Minette Norman is a speaker and leadership consultant who helps build inclusive cultures by leveraging her experience as a former Silicon Valley software executive.

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