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There are grave environmental issues plaguing our world, from pollution to climate change. These global crises can often leave us feeling powerless, questioning: “How can one person make a real impact?”

Drawing from his personal experiences of growing up in a town marred by toxic waste, and his professional journey in the plastic bag manufacturing industry, sustainability expert Trent Romer demystifies the concept of sustainability and how you can make choices that shape our planet’s future.

Follow his story as he takes you to locations of stark environmental degradation—four superfund sites that represent the grim reality for 22% of Americans living within three miles of such areas—and contrasts them with places of unspoiled nature like Yosemite National Park, Rachel Carson ME Wildlife Preserve, Acadia National Park, and Cape Cod National Seashore. The answers to our sustainability issues reside in these contrasting environments.

You’ll discover:

  • How to be an environmentalist and small actions that can make a real difference
  • The bandits that rob us of motivation and how to overcome each one
  • 20 inspiring statements to define your sustainable development goals
  • Practical ways to use social influence to increase eco-awareness
  • What a Superfund site truly is and how we can glean wisdom from them

Whether you are a seasoned green advocate or someone just starting out on your journey, this book will inspire and empower you to take action and create a better world for future generations. Grab your copy today!

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Author Bio

Trent Romer is a sustainability expert, author, and speaker who has spent 30 years in the plastic bag manufacturing industry before serving as a sustainability operating partner for a private equity firm. His latest book, This Is Our Home is a cautionary yet inspiring tale to take personal action in the fight against the planet’s destruction. Romer has multiple business and sustainability certificates and degrees from prestigious universities including Yale, Harvard, and University at Albany. In 2022, Romer spoke at TEDxBoston. He authored Finding Sustainability, a gold award winner in the Nonfiction Book Awards.

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