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Shatter the glass ceiling in stilettos

In Tread Loudly, Kristine Cherek shares her experiences as a female professional in a male-dominated culture. Through her two-decade journey as a female attorney, corporate executive, and college professor, Cherek has cultivated a plethora of wisdom and poignant guidance to share about how to persevere in the biased world of business . . . and life in general.

Cherek is here to tell you that, as women in the workforce and in broader society, you are not alone. She dispels the myth of “having it all” and uses personal stories and relatable examples to convey how you can dream big, take risks, and go for what you want.

In this inspiring call to action, Cherek shines a light on the bias, gender discrimination, and inequities that women still face in the workplace. She calls on business leaders to make the changes necessary to level the playing field and invites you to join in the fight for equality.

She wants you to be empowered to demand equal treatment and speak out against wrongs. She wants you to know, believe, and live the truth that you do not have to dim your light to fit into a predetermined role in society. You not only have the power to succeed in your career, but you also have the power to change the workplace culture for women who will come after you.

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Author Bio

Kristine Cherek is an attorney, former law professor, writer, and philanthropist. She began her career practicing real estate law at an international law firm. By age 33, she was the general counsel of one of the nation’s largest real estate development companies. She currently serves on multiple nonprofit boards where she advocates for arts education, equity and access in higher education, and animal welfare. She is a 6-time marathon runner, former college cheerleader, and avid Marquette University alumni. She and her husband reside in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, with their two rescue cats.

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