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What’s the wildest thing that ever happened to you during an outdoor adventure? Did you accidentally set your boots on fire? Get attacked by hungry raccoons or investigated by a curious bear?

What’s it like to be a park ranger? What happens when you get bucked off a horse, dangled from a cliff, bitten by bloodthirsty horseflies, or fall smack-flat onto your butt while leading a group of scouts down a trail?

These hilarious and eye-popping adventures will capture your imagination and carry you right into the experience of visiting our beautiful parklands. A fun beach-read, or great stories for families to share.

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Author Bio

Rosanne S. McHenry has worked as both a National Park Ranger and a California State Park Ranger for many years. Her childhood experiences on camping trips with her family gave her a tremendous love for the outdoors as well as a deep understanding of how important it is to protect our cultural and natural resources. Interactions with park staff in the places she and her family visited inspired her to become a park ranger.

These are the stories of those funny mishaps and adventurous times. It is about what it means to spend time together as a family in some of the most beautiful places the West has to offer.

McHenry wants others to read these stories and understand how important it is to go outside and appreciate the beauty of nature, and to experience our shared heritage on this beautiful planet, our Earth.

For each person who dreams of a favorite or funny outdoor experience anywhere in the world, these stories will bring joy to your heart.


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