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My memoir begins with a massive heart attack that leaves me in a vegetative state with no possibility of recovery, according to my doctors. What the doctors didn’t know about me was, don’t count anyone out, don’t count anyone in.

I lived my life overcoming multitudinous challenges by living by the adage, “All I need is tiny chance and I’ll make it work” My story is framed from a conqueror in a 5’4” frame in a world of giants. I was a make-believe Christian with the gift of gab and full of crime.

My story speaks to witnessing the Civil Rights movement and many of their leader’s murders as well as the Vietnam War in technicolor. This memoir shines a light on alcoholism, drug abuse, and physical abuse toward women.

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In his debut memoir, Paul Scott depicts fighting for respect on Chicago’s streets, trusting no one, ascending from crime to college, and the upper echelons of Chicago and California politics. A massive heart attack in 2016 forces him to relearn the intricacies of daily life.

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