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Unicorn Leadership will inspire you to dream bigger and accomplish more. Now is the time to reach your full potential! Being intentional about your dreams and creating a plan to overcome the obstacles in your way is a requirement for success. Packed with clear action steps to help you map your personal journey and achieve your potential, Unicorn Leadership provides tips and techniques that can help you and your team accomplish significant things and have fun along the way. Learn how to: tap into your core values and strengths, do what you love and have fun in your life, embrace who you are an increase happiness, and achieve your highest potential. Unicorn Leadership provides short, bite-sized chapters and 40 specific action steps to assist you with your personal journey toward success.

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Author Bio

Anne Witherspoon is a C-level leader who loves to learn. She has spent the past twenty-five years working in corporate America and learning from the best and the worst. She has multiple professional certifications and has read hundreds of books on her quest to become the very best leader that she can be. She believes it is possible to #manifesttheuniverse with intentional actions. Anne lives in Texas and loves to run, read, write and travel.

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