Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold


Justin was sitting in a Louisville, Kentucky Starbucks on January 28, 2017 when he looked over and read their mission: inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

That gave him an idea! Justin pulled out a Starbucks napkin and wrote a haiku poem that he hoped would also inspire someone as they started their day. This is how UNLEASHING POTENTIAL was born. Over 500 haikus later, Justin is authoring a series of books focused on a topic that empowers and inspires individuals, like you, to grow in a specific area. Each book is connected to research in that topic, provides inspirational haikus, and contains empowering questions for you to answer. Big changes begin with small, intentional moments of reflection over a period of time. Sometimes you just need someone to ask you the right questions and challenge you to think differently about yourself. These books are your resource!

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Justin Patton is an international speaker, Executive Leadership Coach, and Amazon best-selling author of Bold New You and Unleashing Potential. His engaging style, relatable storytelling, and insightful messages are what make him a sought-after keynote speaker who empowers individuals to make their voice and presence matter. Justin has studied body language from a former FBI agent, and coached NCAA athletes and contestants in the Miss America and Miss USA pageants. He is currently a faculty member for the US Chamber of Commerce, and a member of both the International Coach Federation and National Speakers Association. Justin is best known for his high-energy style that challenges individuals to look at themselves differently and make some bold choices to lead, love, and communicate better in all parts of their life.

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