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Todd Sherman makes his debut in the publishing world with the launch of What Did They Say? Observations from Eighth-Grade Students (published by AuthorHouse). This book is a compilation of over 600 amusing remarks made by eighth-graders, along with the narratives behind them, meticulously documented by their teacher over a span of 13 years.

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Author Bio

After graduating from Penn State in 1986, Todd Sherman embarked on his professional journey as a sportswriter at The Daily Collegian. Over the course of 1986-1997, he garnered recognition, earning more than 12 journalism awards for his work as both a sportswriter and crime reporter at three small Pennsylvania newspapers. Following this journalistic phase, Sherman transitioned to a new role as an eighth-grade language arts teacher. In 2002, he faced the challenge of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, leading to his retirement from a dedicated 23-year teaching career in 2021.

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