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Where the Mean Girls Go is about the complicated and hurtful relationships between women. Unfortunately, women’s harshest critics are other women. Laura shares memorable stories and hard-earned lessons. Her book is full of honesty, humility, humor and self-reflection. We have all been left out, not chosen, and not invited. We have been the target of whispering and pointing. Mean girls relish causing discomfort and emotional anguish, and it is usually aimed at other women.

Ambitious, pushy, bossy, intense, intimidating, and dare I say bitchy. What successful woman has not been called one or more of these over the years? Most are stereotypical, all are demeaning. If we get branded, whether we deserve it or not, our professional reputation can be damaged. Sexist? It can be, but too often it is other women elbowing us, labeling us, and creating obstacles to our success. Boys ignore us, girls score us; it is the law of the playground.

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Author Bio

Laura Downey-Hill is the author of two books written for women who are trying to do it all in today’s fast-paced world. Both Where the Mean Girls Go: The Complicated and Hurtful Relationships Between Women and Walking in My Shoes: A Woman’s Story of Leadership, are books that deal honestly with the reality of navigating children, spouses, volunteering, career, and friendship. Laura believes that women are too hard on other women and way too hard on themselves. She shares with honesty, humility, and humor her own path, including the mistakes and lessons learned along the way, especially the tough ones. If you want to be inspired and motivated to be your best and believe in yourself, you will love Where the Mean Girls Go. Laura is a mom of three, business owner, author, leadership speaker, and former mayor of Southlake, Texas.

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