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Why is this happening to me?
Why won’t God stop this?
Why am I in pain?
Why did my child die?
Why do they hate me?

“I would really recommend this book to those who are seeking Christ and for those who have accepted Him….” ~Richard DeMoss, Readers’ Favorite

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Author Bio:

Why did I write the book, “Why Can’t We Trust God?” This book reflects my struggle with the purpose of suffering. I identify with Jacob, wrestling with God, holding onto my pain and anger, determined to find God’s blessing in compensation for a life that didn’t seem to meet my expectations. I dug my feet in, refusing to be moved, and I was determined to find some confirmation of why life hurts, why I suffer from failure, health, setbacks, and the meaning of life.
“Why Can’t We Trust God?” published by Zion Press, a CrossLink Publishing imprint, describes my exploration of the word WHY in relation to God’s more excellent plan for life on earth.
Dr. Wise teaches masters level university courses using the elements of trust and provides training, coaching, and mentoring in organizational leadership, problem solving, and change management.

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