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Title: Yo Miz! (1 Teacher + 25 Schools = 1 Wacky Year)

Author Name: Elizabeth Rose


What’s really going on in our public school classrooms? Good question.

  • Journalists are not allowed in…
  • Teachers risk punishment if they speak out…School administrators will only share the good stuff…
  • Most lawmakers? Clueless.

Yo Miz! has the answer. Yo Miz! is the seriously funny memoir of an unconventional “edu-tainer,” ejected from her home school and assigned to teach at 25 Manhattan public high schools in one wacky year. Yo Miz! is about the kids. From el barrio to Wall Street, they’re all present…speaking in their own voices. Yo Miz! is a remarkable odyssey through the largest public school system in the US. Want a front row seat in class?

yo miz coverThen Yo Miz! = required reading.  Fa real!

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Author Bio:

“Edu-tainer” Elizabeth Rose swore she would never follow the advice of her parents, both teachers, and become a teacher, too. But in between creating music and comedy for stage, film and TV, she took a gig teaching songwriting in a NYC public high school. Her students, mostly from the projects, ignited her with their energy and raw creativity. Frustrated by the school’s outdated technology and lack of a music program, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in tech grants enabling her kids to create DVD yearbooks and record original songs. When her job was cut, she was given the choice of substituting in a different school each week–or resigning. She almost resigned. Then she realized that this assignment would give her access to a unique story. So she stayed. And wrote it. She hopes her parents are having an unearthly chuckle.