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The Editorial Freelancers Association is the nation’s largest and oldest professional association for freelance editorial specialists, including copyeditors, developmental editors, writers, indexers, proofreaders, researchers, formatters and designers, and translators. Through our free Member Directory and Job List, the EFA puts you directly in touch with an editorial professional who has the right combination of experience, knowledge, and skills for your project. Other resources for clients include a chart of common editorial rates and a guide for new authors, as well as many member benefits for editorial freelancers, including discounts to EFA courses, webinars, and partner organizations’ conferences. Keep up to date on news and happenings by following the EFA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 


FirstEditing (https://www.firstediting.com/)

FirstEditing is a family of editors and editing consultants who FirstEditing Logoempowers authors and researchers by fine-tuning your writing so you can publish confidently. Their staff has a fantastic array of skills, such as developmental & structural editing, academic reviews & publications, ebook formatting, proofreading, and publishing insights & experience, all dependable experts to answer all your questions. When writing your book for business authority, self-help, inspiration, or historic documentation, look here for your highly qualified business editing team to transforms your words into perfection! Memoirists, they have specialized story editors for you, too! Check out their podcast and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. Find discount codes and special links for members on our members only discount page, including a free editing sample of your writing. 


The following editors are not endorsed by the Nonfiction Authors Association. This information is provided for your reference only. Please do your own due diligence when hiring any freelancer, and report to us any problems or concerns with providers listed.

Ilil Arbel, ililarbel.weebly.com/
I am an experienced developmental editor. I love helping authors bring their ideas to life.  I work with both fiction and nonfiction, and the authors I have worked with range from respected professors who publish through academic publishers, to absolute beginners who are just starting on the road to bestselling, and anything in between. When we work together, I initially discuss the book with you in person, Skype, or telephone, and then offer editorial suggestions about the goals, underlying premise, voice, and style. I rewrite and restructure paragraphs and sentences to improve flow and transitions, ensure consistent overall structure, and identify gaps in the content of the book. If you plan to have a printed book, I am also a professional indexer and can offer a back-of-the-book index after the proofs are available.

Amanda C. Bauch, MFA, AmandaBauch.com
My diverse experiences as a writer, editor, and teacher contribute to my ability to help writers present their best work to the world—one of my greatest joys in life. Although I enjoy working with almost any genre, nonfiction is my love language, and I have a particular interest in memoir, autobiography, personal essay, self-improvement, health/wellness, and cookbooks. However, I’ve also edited dozens of novels, particularly in the self-publishing industry. My current focus areas are ghostwriting/collaborative writing, coaching, and high-level editing. Prior to this season of freelancing, I worked as a senior editor at HarperCollins and facilitated the launch of two new nonfiction imprints, HarperCollins Leadership and Harper Horizon. For several years, I taught various English and writing classes as an adjunct instructor at different institutions and worked as an instructional designer to develop online courses. I have a BA in English literature from Ithaca College and an MFA in creative writing from Lesley University. Please see my website for more information about my experience.

Laura Bloom, MSW, words2results.com
Our founder, Laura Bloom, MSW, has been a mental health clinician for over thirty years. She has also authored numerous articles related to mental health and wellness and developed a writing curriculum for an online distance learning program; as well as writing her own fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. At words 2 results we work with you to help tap into your motivation; walking you through the steps of writing, finding your drive, through writer’s block up to and including proofreading, copy editing and finally the finished manuscript. We help you to hone your voice and motivation to achieve the results you want. We don’t do your work for you; we help you to do your work, for yourself. Let us accompany you on the journey from thought to idea, from rough draft to finished product and finally to the moment when your words jump from the written page, into the laps of your desired audience. 916.251.9301

Barbara Curialle,  www.the-efa.org/memberinfo/barbara-curialle-12377/
I have many years’ experience as an in-house and freelance developmental editor, manuscript editor, and researcher for major educational and scholarly publishers. My goal in editing is to preserve YOUR individual voice while fine-tuning consistency and overall structure. Your result will be a clear outline and articulate final product that will engage readers.

Annette Roy Davis,  A.R.D. Editor
Email | Phone: 760-703-5162
For over 20 years, I’ve provided developmental and copyediting services to writers seeking to polish their work and make it ready for publication. I assess the work for structure, plot, and main idea, ensuring that your book has legs. I provide a manuscript evaluation, making recommendations for how to revise and improve the book. As a copyeditor, I make your words sing by evaluating and correcting grammar, syntax, and mechanics. I use Word’s Track Changes to show you where your language was corrected to help you revise and perfect your work. I hold two graduate degrees in English and Creative Nonfiction. Thus, I specialize in nonfiction, particularly memoir. I provide a flat rate to avoid any surprises at the end of the editing process. If you think we’d be a good fit, I look forward to working with you.

William C. Dino, RedToBlackEditing.com
The Red to Black Editing Company is a small, family owned editing firm with three editors. We offer some significant advantages over our competition, such as fixed price editing, multiple reviews at no added charge, a two editor review on all work, and the offer of a free edit of a sample of your work. Our small company has been in business since 2011. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, members of both the EFA and ACES, and a PayPal verified e-commerce member. The three of us all have undergraduate and/or graduate degrees with various interests and expertise in literature, biology, business, accounting, marketing, engineering, aviation, nutrition, medicine, art, music, philosophy, science, history, politics, computers, and many other topics. We provide proofreading, copy editing, line editing, and full developmental editing services including manuscript reviews. We have worked on all genres of writing.

Beverly Ehrman, beediting.com
I edit nonfiction books, magazine and newspaper articles, book proposals, educational and promotional materials, business documents, and website copy and have experience with travel, memoir, self-development, and how-to books. I work with writers at all editorial stages: before submission, at the revision stage, and after acceptance for publication. I am especially appreciated for respecting a writer’s individual style, keeping voice and tone intact; and for providing what one of my clients called “the whole package—editing, content suggestions, formatting ideas, education on styles, and more.” I am a graduate of NYU with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English. I continued my professional studies at the NYU Center for Publishing and Graphic Design, and taught English before becoming a full-time freelance editor more than ten years ago. Please visit my website for a detailed description of my editing services, submission guidelines, and client testimonials.

Heidi Eliason, Runaway Publishing
Heidi is a freelance editor and a published author. She provides writing and editing services including books, articles, web pages, blog posts, newsletters, and marketing materials. Editing services include developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Heidi has an affinity for getting down into the weeds–being nitpicky–while remaining supportive and positive. That’s what is needed in an editor, someone with a keen eye to catch those small–and large–errors that writers sometimes miss. Heidi will give your work a thorough review and suggest corrections and improvements while keeping your voice and ideas intact. Please see Runaway Publishing’s Editing page for more information.

Kim Foster, kimfostereditor.com
I am a writer and editor who loves helping authors draw out the right words for their message while navigating the nuances of language. My clients include business owners, thought leaders, professors, and industry professionals, many of whom are first-time authors and new to sharing their ideas with the world. I am an expert in various genres of nonfiction, including business, self-help, faith-based, memoir, academic works, and journal articles. I love helping writers communicate beautiful ideas, stories, and life-changing concepts. Many of the authors I’ve worked with have won awards with their books.

Molly Gage,  modernwritingservices.com
I help authors develop smart, well-researched books for intelligent, often specialized, audiences. My credentials include a PhD in English, 14 developed books (and counting), and boundless passion—and patience—for the transformative pain and pleasure attendant to creating books that matter.

Lynne Glasner Editorial
Even the best, most experienced writers may struggle to create a coherent narrative with just the right words. Lynne Glasner Editorial helps authors overcome the obstacles, whether you need to polish your final draft or develop and organize your first one. A professional with experience in ghostwriting, coaching, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, Lynne Glasner can guide you through the process so that your book is ready to publish. My clients range from experienced authors with a long list of credits to first-time writers. From personal memoirs to academic tomes, all have a story to tell. My role is to make sure that your book is a page turner rather than a paperweight.

Cristen Iris, Momentum Book & Business Coaching
Are you looking for a developmental editor, book coach, and/or ghostwriter? I’m a strategic partner who works with strong-willed and strong-minded people who have clear goals but want help navigating the publishing industry and developing manuscripts that articulate their ideas in ways that attract and influence their ideal audiences. My clients include a GRAMMY Award-winning artist, advocates, academics, professionals, and debut novelists. They are traditionally published, indie-published, and self-published. One has a six-figure, world rights contract with HarperCollins. I partner with clients to put high-value and high-quality writing into reader’s hands. I want my clients to be confident in their approach and choices, proud of the finished product, and optimistic about what publishing a book can do for them in the future.

Jon Harrison
I am a freelance editor and a published writer. I edit both nonfiction and fiction. I work with academics on a regular basis, editing and providing writing help in all areas except mathematics and the hard sciences. I also work with first-time authors and non-native English speakers regularly. I provide developmental editing, copy/line editing, proofing, and manuscript evaluations. In addition to published writing under my own name, I have ghostwritten all or part of several books. Consult my Editorial Freelancers Member Page or contact me directly for details.

Dan Janal, WriteYourBookinaFlash.com
Dan Janal works with leaders who want to elevate their reputation and set themselves apart from their competitors. As a book coach and developmental editor, I shape stories and strategies that can transform a career or a business. I have written thirteen books that have been translated into six languages. As a result of my work, clients often share they have more focus, more credibility, more visibility and more impact with readers. For information, go to www.WriteYourBookInAFlash.com

Signe Jorgenson, signejorgenson.com
I am a developmental editor, copyeditor, and proofreader with a proven track record. My clients have published in literary, academic, and trade journals in addition to signing with literary agents and publishing their books (both traditional and self-publishing). I own Signe Jorgenson Editorial Services, and I also serve as Co-Editor in Chief at both Pebblebrook Press and Stoneboat Literary Journal.  Prior to launching my business, I was a tenured writing professor at Lakeland University. Additionally, I hold an MFA in creative writing (nonfiction emphasis) from the University of Alaska Anchorage. More information about me, my services, and my editing work can be found on my website (www.signejorgenson.com). Contact me at (715) 575-9630 or signe@signejorgenson.com.

Polly Kummel, amazinphrasin.com
If you are looking for a nonfiction book editor, I’m the best (Google me). Authors marvel at my ability to catch discrepancies, inconsistencies, and redundancies often hundreds of pages apart. As a former newspaper editor (Newsday, San Jose Mercury News) and reporter, I know how to help a writer tell a story—or explain how to do something—with accuracy and precision. And I never miss a deadline. I have been freelancing for more than twenty-five years, editing book manuscripts for both university and trade presses as well as individual authors. Because I work as a developmental editor, copy editor, and proofreader, manuscripts are in tiptop condition when they leave my hands. My specialties are journalism, history (including biography and autobiography), politics, and government, but I will consider any subject within the humanities.

Coeli Lawhead, fabledfoxediting.com
Fabled Fox Editing provides all writing and editing services. From developmental edits to proofreading to ghostwriting to typesetting, we do it all! If you’re an author, we can get you from draft tp published manuscript. We can also help you write if you’re not sure where to begin. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you.

Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, AndrewMK.com
I have been working with fellow authors, students, and writing mentees and clients of various levels for over fifteen years. I understand that the best editors preserve and enhance (rather than “correct” or radically alter) the voice, style, and essential nature of an author’s work while helping the client create the best product possible. Your text is your text, not mine. Whether developmentally editing, copyediting, mentoring, or helping you find a press–working with me will take your writing to the next level.

Alissa McGowan, Editor, Red Pen for Rent
The right editor is the most valuable tool a writer can have. I provide the professional support and critical eye you need to become the best writer you can be. And because I only accept projects I can support wholeheartedly, you get a partner who is deeply invested in you and your work. But I am no mere editor; I’m a wordsmith, a chameleon, an alchemist—slipping seamlessly into your voice and invisibly polishing your work to gold. You and I are a team in service to your book; it’s my job to make sure your vision is effectively translated to your readers.

John Nelson,  johnnelsonbookworks.com
I provide a variety of editorial services including writing editorial assessments of projects, line-editing, developmental editing, which includes both nonfiction and fiction, and ghostwriting novels. I edited some 25 novels for clients in all genres in the last fifteen years, and have edited many personal journey stories and memoirs including “The White House Doctor.” My preferred nonfiction genres are: new consciousness, self-help, science, and psychology. I’m an expert in divination systems, having edited the expanded edition of “Medicine Cards” when I was at Bear & Company. I only work on material with a positive message.

Peter Z. Ornton
Email | Phone: (919) 477-2600
Peter’s editorial career began in the 1980s at Garon Graphic (Los Angeles) where he proofread galleys for ten national magazines, including American Cinematographer, Prevention, and Delta Airlines’ in-flight publication. He has authored or co-authored a dozen academic books for Macmillan, Barrons, and Cliffs, all now being used in programs at California State University. Peter is a Writers Guild of America member emeritus, having written scripts produced for network television and served as Story Editor for Steven Spielberg’s NBC-TV series, “Amazing Stories.” Peter holds a B.A. cum laude (Princeton University), M.Ed. (Harvard Graduate School of Education), and Ph.D. (Stanford University). He lives with his wife and two cats in Hillsborough, NC.

Laura Roberts, Laura Roberts Creative Services
Laura Roberts Creative Services offers professional editorial services at indie-friendly prices. With options including manuscript critiques, copy editing and proofreading, Laura can help bring your book from rough draft to completed manuscript. For more information on editing options, specialties, rates and availability, please see her websiteNFAA members are eligible for a 10% discount on their first booking.

Nancy Schenck
Email, Phone: 702-576-1598
Writing that first sentence of that first paragraph of that first (or second or tenth) book can be an excruciating exercise and often leaves “blood” on the keyboard. I’m here to help doctor those proverbial wounds as you prepare your baby to meet the world. I am a seasoned publishing professional with over thirty-one years of publishing and editorial experience, and I can help you—in the words of William Faulkner—“. . . create out of the materials of the human spirit something which did not exist before.” Working collaboratively with you as your ally, I will guide you to create the book you really want to produce ensuring your message and voice are maintained. Some of the subjects I have edited include behavioral health, wellness, trauma and sexual abuse, addiction and addiction recovery, memoir, and mind, body, and spirit. In addition to my editing skills, I have extensive experience with copywriting and design concepts for brochures, sell sheets, and/or catalogs. I am proficient with using MS Office Suite, have a strong working knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style, a member of ACES: The Society for Editing, and an enthusiastic cheerleader for your project.

Isabel Stein
Freelance copy editor  for several publishing companies (Palgrave Macmillan, Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis). Have edited online ecology journal. Also work directly with authors on their manuscripts, doing whatever level of editing is needed. Projects include books about history, education, nursing, medicine, finance and investment, the green economy, law, psychology, film, crafts, and addiction, as well as cookbooks and memoirs. Have  worked on heavily illustrated books. Have worked with many authors whose first language is not English. Familiar with Chicago Manual of Style and AMA and APA style guides. Full-time freelance; experienced in tracking changes in Word. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn.

Brooke C. Stoddard, brookecstoddard.com
I am a former editor at Time-Life Books and National Geographic Books as well as the former editor of several magazines. I have published two hardback nonfiction books with Quarto (Zenith) and Potomac Press and have helped numerous first-time authors prepare their manuscript.

Christine Van Zandt, Write for Success
I help writers from creation to publication whether they seek self-publication or traditional publication. My experience includes all levels of editing, from a manuscript critique wherein I read the book and provide written feedback, to comments throughout the manuscript in a developmental edit. I use the most current reference books because style and the lexicon evolve. I pride myself on my careful attention to detail, my ability to meet deadlines, and my kind, constructive critique. I am also a sought-after speaker and workshop teacher. My education includes a master’s degree in English literature. I look forward to hearing about your project. If I may be a fit for what you’re seeking, mention that you found me through this site and I will provide free feedback on the opening pages of your book. Please visit my website to read my recent newsletters and for customer testimonials. I write the quarterly “Ask an Editor” column for SCBWI’s Kite Tales and was their Managing Co-Editor (2015-2016). I am the author of the funny, nonfiction children’s book, The Brief History of Underpants (Quarto Kids).

Jesi Hanley Vega, hanleyvega.com
I specialize in memoir, personal development, spirituality/religion, psychology and leadership, with a special focus on how all these areas intersect with social justice issues. I love books which can transform people’s lives and can change the world, and I love writers who are committed to finding their truth through writing and are willing to lay it all out on the page.

Melanie Votawmelanievotaw.com
Email: contact@melanievotaw.com
As a developmental and line editor, book coach, ghostwriter, and author for more than 20 years, I have written 39 books published by top houses like Hay House, Macmillan, New World Library, Perseus, Hyperion, and others. I have developmentally edited another 75+ books that include New York Times Best Sellers and winners of more than 50 awards, published by TarcherPerigee (Penguin Random House) and others. My developmental editing process involves diagnosing and fixing problems, as well as providing a line edit and presenting you with a ready-to-publish manuscript. (Of course, if I suggest large-scale changes, I consult you first.) I have ghostwritten and edited book proposals that have gone into six-figure auctions. As a coach, I can help you conceptualize a winning book structure/outline and keep you on track throughout the writing process. I’m regularly recommended to authors by literary agents and publishers, and I’m a speaker for the Women in Publishing Summit. Four-time Hay House author Nancy Levin says, “Melanie Votaw’s experience and devotion to the crafts of writing, editing, and publishing bring my heart and voice alive on the page with grace, depth, precision, and radiance.”

Sandra Wendel, Book Editor, SandraWendel.com
Sandra Wendel is a highly experienced book editor who specializes in helping authors write, polish, and publish their nonfiction manuscripts (in the areas of memoir, true crime, consumer health, and business/leadership). She is a consultant on independent publishing as well. Her greatest joy in editing is working with authors who have a story to tell. She has worked with Holocaust survivors, a Secret Service agent, a bank robber, entrepreneurs, an eighties rock groupie, a homicide detective, real estate agents, chefs, doctors, lawyers, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories. She is a published author herself, sharing the authorship of two empowering consumer health books with a physician from Mayo Clinic. She teaches highly popular continuing education classes on book writing and publishing at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska.

Julie Willson, EditsbyJulia.com
Julie Willson has nearly 30 years of experience in writing, editing, and project management. As the Managing Editor for Thanet House Books, she oversees a team of ghostwriters and up to 10 book projects at a time from first draft to published books. Her editing specialty is with nonfiction, namely personal and professional development, business, and marketing, and her clients include Russell Brunson (Expert Secrets) and Julie Eason (The Profitable Business Author). Julie is also developing a new program called LifeEdits to help solopreneurs and small biz owners maximize their productivity and effectiveness. EditsbyJulia.com

ProWritingAid – SOFTWARE
ProWritingAid helps you edit more efficiently. It analyzes your text and highlights key issues, such as overused words, sentence structure, repeated phrases, consistency, dialogue, pacing and readability. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, ProWritingAid will tighten your writing and help you get published. Use ProWritingAid wherever you write with its integrations for MS Word, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, and Chrome. NFAA members get 25%–visit your member dashboard for details.

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