Book Marketing Master Course


Whether you want to conduct an effective launch for your next book, boost sales of your current book, or help your clients sell more books, this course will help you:

  • Identify your ideal target audience and determine how to reach them AND grow a long-term relationship with them.
  • Grow your audience with a simple yet powerful process.
  • Convert website visitors into engaged fans who want to buy your books and invest in related products and services.
  • Use easy content marketing strategies to boost engagement and grow your audience.
  • Build your social media following and identify manageable strategies that work for your unique goals.
  • Become your own publicist and pitch traditional and online media outlets including radio, television, print publications, podcasts, and blogs.
  • Take full advantage of promotion opportunities on Amazon including how to master Author Central, leverage Amazon ads, optimize your book sales page, choose keywords, leverage categories, add A+ content, and more.
  • Launch your book using proven methods that boost sales.
  • Establish influence in your field and keep the marketing momentum going.

Meet Your Course Instructor

Stephanie Chandler has a reputation for delivering content-rich workshops, presentations, and events. In addition to being founder and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association and Writers Conference, she has authored several traditionally-published AND self-published books, has been a book publisher since 2008, and she’s a former owner of a brick-and-mortar bookstore. More importantly, she has walked in your shoes.

Through her own author career, Stephanie has received numerous awards, spoken at hundreds of events, earned six-figure corporate sponsorships as a recognized expert in her field, and has appeared in various media outlets including CBS MarketWatch, Entrepreneur, Wired magazine, Washington Post, New York Times, and more.

Stephanie started from square one, just like you. There was no magic fairy dust, no celebrities to help grow her career, and no lucky breaks. She has never been on a reality show and doesn’t have any celebrity friends!

Stephanie has done the work, step by step, and learned by trial and error. She will show you how to avoid the many mistakes new authors make and help you craft an actionable plan that gets results.

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