If book marketing is overwhelming you, following are the absolute essentials to getting your book promotion efforts going.Book Marketing Plan Essentials

Pre-Launch (Ideally):

  • Identify a powerful niche audience and where they spend their time.
  • Create a professional author website with blog (WordPress).
  • Update your blog at least 2x per week (frequency increases traffic).
  • Set up email marketing (Constant Contact or Mail Chimp).
  • Enlist colleagues, family and friends to help promote your launch by sending them copy for emails and social media posts.
  • Utilize at least two social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram).
  • Create an Author Central Account on Amazon and make sure your book sales page has a robust amount of content.


  • Generate reviews on Amazon (contact existing reviewers, NetGalley, BookBub).
  • Leverage bloggers for book reviews, excerpts, guest posts.
  • Pitch yourself as a guest on internet radio shows and podcasts.
  • Promote with YouTube, Periscope, Blab.im (if video is your thing).
  • Pitch timely topics to media.
  • Enter book awards programs.
  • Participate in online groups or start your own.
  • Join trade associations where your audience spends time.
  • Write for print publications that reach your audience.
  • Become a speaker at audience-related events.


  1. It’s all about your target audience. Go where they spend their time and be a resource that addresses their needs, challenges and interests.
  2. Aim for at least three marketing actions per day if you want to get results.
  3. Marketing is a marathon. Stay with it and have fun!

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