Make the Most of E-Newsletters and Email MarketingEmail marketing can be one of your most valuable tools for promoting your book to your audience. When someone opts to receive email communication from you, that person is giving you permission to communicate with him or her on a regular basis—an honor you should not take lightly.

It’s harder than ever to gain subscribers for a mailing list due to the amount of abuse happening in this space. However, when done correctly, email marketing can have many benefits and a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are some benefits:

Saves Money —Direct mail and print advertisements are expensive and often have a low return on investment. E-newsletters cost just pennies per subscriber and can be significantly more effective.

Proven Response Rate —With direct mail (a sales letter or other printed item sent via postal mail), you are lucky if you get a 5% response rate. According to, the average open rate for electronic marketing is around 23%, click-through rates are 5.9%, and average delivery rate is 96%.

Promotes Your Book with Existing Readers —It costs far less to up-sell to existing readers (or customers) than it costs to acquire new ones. Email marketing allows you to maintain communications with your audience and customer base and introduce them to new books or articles you’ve written, plus products and services you offer.

Generates Business Leads —When a prospect visits your website and opts to receive your e-newsletter, your newsletter can help convert that lead into a sale.

Shortens Sales Cycles —Industry standards indicate that consumers must be exposed to a product an average of six to eight times before making a decision to buy. An e-newsletter allows you to get repeat exposure with your customers on a regular basis, ultimately improving your sales process.

Builds Customer Loyalty —Studies show that an effective newsletter can bond the reader with the company. By providing quality content in your e-newsletter, you add value for your customers and build loyalty that can last a lifetime.

Improves Professional Image —A professional newsletter elevates your author and business image and can give you an edge over the competition.

Increases Revenues —A strong call to action along with a special offer, discount, or sale gives newsletter readers incentive to make an immediate purchase.

Creates Immediate Results —Email marketing is timely. You can publicize events, promote new products and services, and announce special sales.

Provides Ongoing Email Marketing Opportunities —Your database of subscriber email addresses can be used for all kinds of promotional purposes. You can send single-page announcements in between newsletters to promote a special sale or event.

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