You can use your book as the foundation to teach others your system for doing what you do.Book Profit Strategy: Build a Team Around Your Brand You could even develop your own certification program and recruit agents who deliver services under your brand, while they also promote your book and generate revenue for your business.

For examples, check out the following:

– Jay Conrad Levinson’s “Guerrilla Marketing Master Training”

– Jim Horan’s Consulting

– Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach”

This is a fascinating and potentially lucrative business model. The authors listed above have each built a brand around their books. They offer certification programs and provide training for others to teach their systems. Did I mention that their candidates pay thousands of dollars to go through the certification training? And once certified, these folks become marketing agents as they pound the pavement promoting the books and the related brand. Simply brilliant, don’t you think?

***This is an excerpt from Booked Up! How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business by Stephanie Chandler.

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