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welcome to the book publicity master course AND PROFESSIONAL certification program

A professional publicist teaches how to get media attention for yourself or your clients.

Course begins August 4, 2022 and lasts six weeks.


Join us for a COMPREHENSIVE 6-week ONLINE course

The Book Publicity Master Course shares the secrets top publicists and media trainers use on a regular basis that will land you the media coverage you desire for your books now — and in the future.

Whether you want to publicize your own books or help your clients get media attention for their books, this comprehensive course will help you:

Discover what you really want. Is it fame? Visibility? To be in demand? Grow your following? Make more money? Get more speaking engagements? Give more interviews? Become a thought leader? Become an influencer? Feel more empowered and in control of your own destiny? What you want to feel less of? Do you want less frustration? Less overwhelm? Less fear and indecision? We will get clear on your goals so you can align them with media-attracting strategies that get results.

Land media interviews. This includes cracking the top tier: New York Times, Washington Post, Fast Company, Cosmo, Self, and whatever outlets are at the top of YOUR dream list. Then learn what must you do for the top tier to even look at you. (Hint: The only way to get to the top is to start where you are.) Learn how to use this and make it work for you and your book(s).

Deliver like a pro. Present yourself with the kind of finesse and polish that makes you a media rock star. Hint: A lot of people do this badly, but once you know these media training tips and strategies you will master your media presence.

Embrace the Inner Game of Media. Few talk about this, but it is critical to your success. There are things that hold us back from reaching our dreams. Now is the time to resolve that inner conflict and get ready to go for it by replacing stress with excitement.

Embrace the outer game of media and stand out. It is not enough to stand up these days. Anyone can do that. The trick is standing out in an incredibly noisy and distracted world!

Leverage hooks, and soundbites, and stories. (Oh, my!) Messaging is everything. Discover your key messages that will move your target audience and learn the tips and tricks that will get you responses instead of landing in the media black hole.

Create a professional media kit with materials that impress. Landing the interview is only the beginning. How to anticipate what media will need and have it ready to go is equally important. Show you are a professional and you know how the system works by building an effective media kit.

Anticipate Surprises! Learn how to handle the unforeseen and unexpected during an interview and come out smelling like a rose.

Master the rules of the game. Discover the top media mistakes to avoid and the tasks you should do consistently.

Deliver like a pro. Present yourself with the kind of finesse and polish that makes you a media rock star. (Hint: The tools have democratized. Being good at it has not.) A lot of people are doing it badly. You can master it once you begin practicing these pro tips and strategies.

Become a Media Darling and create your own media empire. Learn essential media strategies now so that everything you do builds on previous successes. Then you will make yourself irresistible to the media and they will begin to call YOU!





    VIDEO Presentations

    Each session delivered in video format with Zoom and includes Q&A with the instructor from a previously recorded live course.


    All students receive companion worksheets and handouts for each of the six modules. Students are also invited to participate in an attendees-only Facebook group where you can connect with fellow students and your instructor.

    certified book marketing professionals - first graduates

    optional certification program

    The professional certification is an add-on option. This one-of-a-kind program is ideal for book publishing and marketing consultants, virtual assistants, publicity and marketing staff members at publishing houses, authors’ assistants, and other publishing industry professionals.

    Graduates from our Book Marketing and Book Publishing certification programs have raved about their experiences. They appreciate being featured in our Recommended Resources and having added credentials to share with their own clients.

    meet your course instructor joanne mccall
    a leading expert in media and book publicity

    Joanne McCall

    Publicist, media insider, trainer and coach Joanne McCall helps influencers, nonfiction authors, and business leaders become Media Darlings, so the media calls them. Her secret sauce is not only positioning, securing, and helping authors to capture media attention and deliver compelling interviews, she helps them create and develop their own media empire, while enjoying the process. On a first-name basis with hundreds of top-rung producers, editors, writers, and journalists, Joanne secures coverage for clients including Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Dave Ramsey, Geneen Roth, Dr. Donna Stoneham, The Deepak Chopra Center for Wellbeing, the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dr. Richard Bandler, and many others. She is the creator of Media Book Camp and Media Finishing School, and is the author of Media Darling: Shine Through Every Interview.  Learn more:


    Certification is an OPTIONAL ADD-ON to the Book Publicity Master Course.

    If you’re a marketing or publicity professional, virtual assistant, authors’ assistant, publishing industry professional, or you want to build a career in one of these fields, this certification program is for you.

    Participants take an online quiz following each course module. Once you pass all quizzes with a score of 80% or higher, you will receive the following:

    • A one-year listing in our online directory of Certified Book Publicity and Marketing Professionals OR our directory of Virtual Assistants for Authors, which will be promoted to our community year-round. We expect your listing will generate more than enough business opportunities to justify the cost of this program. ($297 value for listing)
    • Written interview with you featured in our blog and shared across our social media networks, highlighting the services you offer.
    • Frame-worthy gold foil-accented certificate mailed to you.
    • Exclusive Certified Book Publicity Professional logo, a digital asset you can post on your website and in related marketing collateral. This endorsement from the Nonfiction Authors Association is meant to set a standard in our industry, making you a founding member of this program.
    • Professionally-designed graphic featuring you as a certified pro and shared across the NFAA social media channels. You will receive a copy too!
    • Access to an exclusive database of content available only to graduates of this program, including digital templates you can customize with your own logo and use with your clients. 
    • Invitation to join our private Facebook group available only to Certified Book Publicity Professionals, providing ongoing support for your business journey.

    Yes, we’ve PACKED this certification program with value! We want to be sure you leave the program ready to grow your business and help authors expand their businesses, too.


    Certification Program Q&A

    How long is certification valid? Certification is valid for three years. You can re-take the course and re-certify at a special discounted rate.

    Can I renew my website listing in the directory after the one-year term? Yes, directory listings can be renewed for just $297 per year.

    What kinds of opportunities can I expect from my directory listing? Our existing Recommended Resources page is one of the most popular pages on this website. We expect most certified professionals will receive client inquiries from our site throughout the year, and though we cannot guarantee results, we generate tremendous website traffic to this directory and know your listing will be viewed by thousands of site visitors.

    How is this different from the certification with the Book Marketing Master Course? Marketing and publicity are two different functions. Publicity deals with media interviews (radio, podcasts, television, newspapers, magazines, and online outlets), while book marketing has a broader scope. Publicity is covered briefly during the Book Marketing Master Course, but this program provides an immersion into the topics of attracting media, sending pitches, and delivering interviews successfully–all by a seasoned publicist.

    What happens if I am unable to pass the quizzes? The quizzes are self-paced and open-book so we expect all students will be able to pass. You can re-take all of the quizzes as many times as needed.

    Students who successfully complete the certification program can use this badge on your website and in your marketing collateral.  > > >

    Certified Book Publicity Professional

    “I just wanted to let you know that I gained my first client through my posting on your website. Not only is it a lucrative project, but it is the type of content I absolutely love to work with. Cheers to supporting awesome creative endeavors!

    Catherine Fishman, Certified Book Marketing Consultant

    About the Nonfiction Authors Association

    Optional: Join nfaa when you enroll in the course!

    The Nonfiction Authors Association is a vibrant community for experienced and aspiring writers to connect, exchange ideas, and learn how to write, publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books.

    NFAA helps writers reduce the overwhelm that comes with the publishing industry while learning to navigate the many options successfully. We aim to help you sell more books, reach more readers, and become more profitable.

    Authority Membership Benefits:

    • Exclusive Author Advisor email sent every Friday featuring cultivated media leads, podcast recordings with industry experts, plus templates, checklists, and reports from our member archives.
    • Access to mastermind groups conducted with Zoom breakout rooms. (We call this the Author Brainstorm Exchange!)
    • Popular members-only Facebook group.
    • Meet-the-Members program where you can share your book announcement with our email list, blog, and social media community.
    • Discounts off the year-round Nonfiction Book Awards program, author toolkits, and online courses.
    • Discounts off the annual Nonfiction Writers Conference, held online since 2010. (Next event happens May 4-6, 2022.)
    • Discounts with NFAA partners including Lulu, IngramSpark, Office Depot, Findaway Voices, PR Newswire, and more.


    VIP Membership Benefits:

    VIP membership is our “all-you-can eat” plan offering FREE Platinum admission to the annual Nonfiction Writers Conference, including all recordings and transcripts, and free access to premium content, including our popular Ultimate Author Toolkits.
    Total added value: $1,475!


    I just wanted to tell you how much I value all that you are doing with NFAA. It is one of the best investments in a membership I have ever made. I have been listening to your webinars and taking copious notes during them. One of my favorites was Revenue Stream for Authors. I am using it as a checklist for the many ways I can promote my book. It helps keep me focused. Being a first-time author was daunting enough. I didn’t realize how much time and effort it takes to promote a self-published book. NFAA has given me the tools for structuring that process. I would recommend NFAA to both the novice and seasoned author.

    David Petrovay, PhD

    Author of Life Between Jobs: Out of Work…Not Out of WORTH

    land top interviews


    This course is ideal for:

    • Nonfiction authors, new or experienced, who want to gain more media coverage
    • Book publicity and marketing staff
    • Virtual assistants and authors’ assistants
    • Book coaches, editors, and ghostwriters who want to gain a better understanding
    • Publishing industry professionals
    • Fiction authors will find value here too, though materials are crafted for nonfiction



    The Book Publicity Professional Certification is ideal for:

    • Marketing staff for book publishers, publicity firms, etc.
    • Virtual assistants and authors’ assistants
    • Publishing industry professionals
    • Anyone wanting to enter the above fields
    • Authors are welcome to participate in certification as well (You can expand your own service offerings and challenge yourself to enhance your professional credentials!)

    Whether you want to learn how to get media coverage for your own books or you want to obtain skills to apply in your business working with authors, this course is jam packed with educational value that will transform you from a novice to an expert. You can take the course on its own, or take the course and add the certification program to expand your skills and get featured in our services provider directory.

    Feedback from PREVIOUS STUDENTS

    “Thank you for a comprehensive path to understanding book marketing! I like that all of our marketing options are grouped into six parts to help organize a plan of opportunities and challenges related to each marketing option. Most of all, I’m thankful for the confidence that results from the course. There’s still a lot of work to do — book marketing is not a one-size-fits-all plan of action — but now I know I am equipped with the very best practices.

    Ella Ritchie

    The course was a treasure trove of information that could be immediately applied to my business as a book strategist and authorship coach. The investment in the program was worth every penny of the cost.”

    Dr. Karen Mueller Bryson

    “Once it was explained to me that no, my book was not actually going to sell itself, I knew I needed a solid marketing plan. Stephanie delivered; there were so many great things about this course. Numerous marketing options were presented to the class, many of which I had been completely unfamiliar with. I liked how we were encouraged to pick and choose those strategies that resonated best with us. Stephanie is well versed in her craft, and I felt confident in her instruction. She respected students’ time and kept a good pace. The best part of the course was her encouraging participants to ask questions before, during and after class, as well as within our Facebook group. I highly recommend this course to any aspiring non-fiction author!

    Margaret Hayes, MAEd

    Author of Fearless Foreign Language,

    “Thank you, Stephanie for your excellent training on how to launch a book. I followed your advice on launching a self-published book and sold the first shipment prior to its arrival! I was also picked up by Walmart, Target and Barnes and Noble online. My sales on Amazon are picking up speed. The classes on niche, title choice, key words and serving the needs of the reader are GOLD! Thank you!”

    Pamela J. Vincent

    Author of Dare To Be A Badass: Find your voice, find your power, find your purpose!,

    “Thank you again for the Author Marketing Course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took a ton of notes. I was relieved to learn I’m doing many of your suggestions and plan on implementing the ones I am not. Your course is a must have for the newbie or seasoned author.

    Donna M. McDine

    Children's book author

    “Stephanie, As I said early on, you are amazing. You have a terrific knowledge base on so many subjects. Your course provides an excellent roadmap for running the publishing marathon. So many people told me that the hardest part of being an author was the marketing but I never fully appreciated it until now. You have saved me countless hours of research into the various processes and I know in the end these things will result in significant sales!

    Dr. John W. Hanes

    Author of Winning with Style: Six Proven Strategies to Forge Powerful Relationships, Writer

    It’s called a master course for a reason. You’re going to gain tremendous skills!


    Satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.
    If for any reason this course isn’t for you, notify us within the first week of purchase and receive a full refund.




    • Access to six weeks of video training sessions, averaging 90 minutes each
    • Invitation to join private Facebook group
    • Downloadable handouts and other materials available throughout the course
    • Option to join the Nonfiction Authors Association and attend the upcoming Nonfiction Writers Conference (online event)


    • All course benefits
    • Quizzes for each module
    • One-year listing in our directory of Certified Book Marketing and Publicity Professionals or Virtual Assistants for Authors (must pass all six quizzes with score of 80% or higher)
    • Gold foil certificate mailed to US participants upon completion
    • Logo featuring professional designation for use on your website and in marketing collateral
    • Customizable templates you can use for your own clients
    • Invitation to private Facebook group available only to certified professionals

    publicity master course benefits

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