The Book Publicity Master Course Returns in 2023 for a 6 week course!

This exclusive course is delivered by professional publicist Joanne McCall. She shares an array of insider tips and strategies to help you land media interviews for yourself or your clients. Open to all experience levels, this intensive course lasts six weeks. You will learn how to craft effective media pitches, deliver interviews like a pro, locate media contacts, develop a media kit, and reach top media outlets.BOOK PUBLICITY MASTER COURSE AND PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION

Our professional certification program is available to book coaches, virtual assistants, publishing industry professionals, and anyone who is interested in a career in publicity. Upon completing six quizzes with a score of 80% or higher, certification is achieved and the participant receives a listing in our recommended resources directory for one year, a gold foil certificate, a digital seal to use in marketing, and access to special templates and worksheets.

The Book Publicity Master Course shares the secrets top publicists and media trainers use on a regular basis that will land you the media coverage you desire for your books now — and in the future.

Whether you want to publicize your own books or help your clients get media attention for their books, this comprehensive course will help you:

Discover what you really want. Is it fame? Visibility? To be in demand? Grow your following? Make more money? Get more speaking engagements? Give more interviews? Become a thought leader? Become an influencer? Feel more empowered and in control of your own destiny? What you want to feel less of? Do you want less frustration? Less overwhelm? Less fear and indecision? We will get clear on your goals so you can align them with media-attracting strategies that get results.

Land media interviews. This includes cracking the top tier: New York Times, Washington Post, Fast Company, Cosmo, Self, and whatever outlets are at the top of YOUR dream list. Then learn what must you do for the top tier to even look at you. (Hint: The only way to get to the top is to start where you are.) Learn how to use this and make it work for you and your book(s).

Deliver like a pro. Present yourself with the kind of finesse and polish that makes you a media rock star. Hint: A lot of people do this badly, but once you know these media training tips and strategies you will master your media presence.

Embrace the Inner Game of Media. Few talk about this, but it is critical to your success. There are things that hold us back from reaching our dreams. Now is the time to resolve that inner conflict and get ready to go for it by replacing stress with excitement.

Embrace the outer game of media and stand out. It is not enough to stand up these days. Anyone can do that. The trick is standing out in an incredibly noisy and distracted world!

Leverage hooks, and soundbites, and stories. (Oh, my!) Messaging is everything. Discover your key messages that will move your target audience and learn the tips and tricks that will get you responses instead of landing in the media black hole.

Create a professional media kit with materials that impress. Landing the interview is only the beginning. How to anticipate what media will need and have it ready to go is equally important. Show you are a professional and you know how the system works by building an effective media kit.

Anticipate Surprises! Learn how to handle the unforeseen and unexpected during an interview and come out smelling like a rose.

Master the rules of the game. Discover the top media mistakes to avoid and the tasks you should do consistently.

Deliver like a pro. Present yourself with the kind of finesse and polish that makes you a media rock star. (Hint: The tools have democratized. Being good at it has not.) A lot of people are doing it badly. You can master it once you begin practicing these pro tips and strategies.

Become a Media Darling and create your own media empire. Learn essential media strategies now so that everything you do builds on previous successes. Then you will make yourself irresistible to the media and they will begin to call YOU!

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