More than a million books are published a year.Brand Aid: 5 Steps for Creating Fans for Life by Michael Larsen How can you make you and your books and stand out in an ever-growing multitude of authors? By building a brand that will become an ever more powerful tool for serving your fans and attracting new readers.  Create a literary identity that is durable, agile, authentic, engaged, original, responsive, innovative, and commercial enough to achieve your financial goals. Either your name, like Stephen King, or your books, like the Chicken Soup series, can become your brand.

Here are five steps for capturing the essence of who you are as a writer:

1. Write books that sell each other. Find an idea for a series you’re passionate about writing and promoting.

2. Provide experiences readers love. Give your books maximum impact.

3. Integrate how you serve your communities. Unify how you write, speak, dress, act, communicate, relate to people, and your colors, typeface, and design in a way that lets your voice, personality, and desire to serve shine through.

4. Share your passion for the value of your books and ideas to gain your readers’ affection, respect, and loyalty. Make providing content and service a labor of love for your craft, your field, and your readers.

5. Keep adding to the lifetime value of your readers by maintaining an awareness of you and your work. You will create a community of evangelists who buy whatever you produce and share their passion for you and your books.

3 Tips

* Follow what authors, especially those in your field, are doing.

* Get feedback on your efforts to help ensure they’re effective.

* Keep learning from readers how to serve them better.

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