Create a Smart Phone AppThanks to an ever-increasing market of smart phone users, apps (short for applications) have become incredibly popular, and for some, quite lucrative too. If you can create a niche app that hasn’t already been done well by someone else, you can generate profits a few dollars at a time.

For example, if you wrote a book on how to live gluten-free, you could develop an app that works like a gluten dictionary, allowing users to look up foods and find out if they contain gluten. A life coach might create an app that delivers a daily meditation or journaling exercise. An author of a financial guide might create a money tracker app.

Whatever you choose, having an app developed might not be as complicated or as expensive as it sounds. A good source for finding developers is You can put out a request for bids and find a software developer with a high score from previous users. A friend of mine recently had a fairly complex app developed for under $1,000. It can be done if you’d like to try a unique method for generating revenue related to your book.