call for speakers - writers conference nonfiction authors associationThe Nonfiction Authors Association features a weekly teleseminar series (see our past events here) with guest subject matter experts, and we also host twice-yearly Nonfiction Writers Conference events, which are conducted entirely online.

If you are interested in contributing to one of our programs, and you have something valuable to share that directly pertains to nonfiction authors, please complete our form below and we’ll get back to you if we are able to cover your topic.

Please note that we do not cover personal stories, book announcements, general motivational topics or anything that isn’t specifically helpful to our member community. Our mission is always to provide educational topics that assist our members in writing, publishing, and  promoting nonfiction books. We also enjoy topics about the business side of publishing, revenue streams, and out-of-the-box ideas we haven’t seen elsewhere or covered previously.

Sometimes we already have a specific topic in the line-up and can’t cover it twice in a short time frame, so don’t be surprised if we hang on to your information and get in touch several months later! (We do this pretty often.)

Submit your speaking topics here.

Thank you!

Past Speakers - Nonfiction Writers Conference

Learn about the Nonfiction Authors Association here.

Learn about the Nonfiction Writers Conference here.