Name/Company name: Joanne McCall, McCall Media GroupJoanne McCall

Website/SM handles:

Status: part-time/full-time? Full time. Owner of book publicity firm

Annual salary range/hourly pay rate? If you own a PR firm, the total gross and net income is going to be greater than any one individual salary or hourly rate.

If you’re specifically asking about a freelancer or in-house publicist, here are some common responses. There are some variables of course, including the geographic location, education and certificates, and experience.  Generally, a publicist makes between 50 and 80K annually. An in-house publicist would make between 35 and 50 per hour.

Can you define the duties of a book publicist? What does your day look like?

Duties include developing key messages and sound bites, writing press materials, positioning books appropriately. Targeting media and pulling together lists. Creating campaigns and pitching media. Follow up and booking interviews, which also means generating and updated reports on a regular basis. There is also customer service with each author, and my firm also offers media training for our authors.

What sort of training/education did you receive?

Degree in communications and business with a certificate in conflict mediation. My initial career was in radio broadcasting so when I made the transition to book publicity, I knew what would play well with the media in terms of pitching.

What’s a recent project you worked on?

Recently I have been working with Kelly McDonald on the topic of “working with people not like you.” Kelly has four leadership books published by Wiley directed at leaders for creating diversity within their organizations.

What’s your favorite part of your job? Meeting and learning about the wonderful authors I represent. They are always up to fascinating and important work in the world. I also love books, so this is a natural fit for me! I also love how everything keeps changing, including changing technology, changing the way we meet our media contacts, and also keeping up with other trends. You really must have this quality of loving to learn to stay in this business for any length of time.

What’s something someone wanting to get into your career field should know?

The importance of being curious, like a detective with a love of learning and being willing to try new things. You must be willing to reach out to people and also follow up in a way that is engaging and inviting, not pesky and irritating. One must know the difference between persistence and being pesky.