Content Marketing Strategy: Podcasts and Audio RecordingsWhen you think about marketing your business online, it can seem overwhelming. There are so many sites and strategies and techniques to learn, and of course, for a busy entrepreneur there is never enough time in a day. There are a multitude of ways to further promote your services online using the power of content, and one of them is by utilizing podcasts and audio recordings.

Have you noticed that more and more websites have audio built right into the pages? Some start talking as you land on the page (something I don’t recommend), while others offer a control box where you can decide if you want to hear the recorded message.

Keep in mind that we all learn differently. Some learn better visually and others learn by listening. When you add audio recordings to a website you reach auditory learners. You can use audio clips to introduce your company, describe a special offer, or explain the features of a product or service. New technology makes it easy to create recordings and embed them right into your website.

You can run an internet search for “audio recording software” and find dozens of choices, or pick up some equipment from your local electronics store. I have personally used Audio Acrobat ( This is a handy service that allows you to create recordings using your phone and save them in MP3 format. It’s quick and easy to use, and the price is reasonable.

Podcasts are usually defined as a series of online recordings (though you can call a single recording a podcast and nobody will argue). Users can download podcasts to listen on their computers, iPods, iPads, or iPhones.

When used for marketing purposes, podcasts are usually comprised of instructional programs or interviews. You can make them available from your website, though you can also import them to iTunes. For the latest instructions on how to do this, see

Note that hosting a podcast series can be a great way to attract new prospects and keep your audience engaged on a consistent basis. Search some of the podcasts on iTunes to get ideas about how others use this popular technology.

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