How to Write Bestseller Book Marketing Copy The Nonfiction Authors Association is excited to bring you a live online course with master copywriter Casey Demchak.

Dates: Thursdays, July 23, July 30, and August 6, 2020

Time: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Duration: Each session lasts up to 75 minutes and includes live Q&A with the instructor

Location: Your home or office–this event is virtual and will be delivered by live Zoom webinar

Course Overview: How to Write Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

  • Follow step-by-step formulas and templates used by bestselling authors
  • Develop engaging headlines that instantly grab the attention of readers
  • Craft persuasive marketing copy that motivates people to buy your book

Award-winning copywriter and consultant Casey Demchak has written the marketing copy for over three dozen books that have become Amazon bestsellers. Now he wants to teach you everything he knows about how to write dynamic marketing copy for YOUR bestseller!

This class is like having Casey beside you as you write!

There’s no getting around it. Your marketing copy has an enormous impact on book sales. In fact, writing strong marketing copy could be exactly what you need to cross the bestseller threshold and create a monthly revenue stream with your book! Sound exciting? Sure it does. But how the heck do you write compelling marketing copy that motivates readers to buy your book NOW instead of later …or never.

Casey Will Walk You Through PROVEN Formulas!

You don’t have to guess your way through writing your book promotion copy and hope you get it right. That’s because now you can gain access to proven formulas, templates, and strategies that have been used to create dynamic marketing materials for numerous bestselling nonfiction books.

In this online class Casey Demchak uses video instruction, proven strategies, and numerous examples to show you step-by-step how to …

✓   Draw from tested templates to write marketing copy that grabs and engages book buyers

✓   Hook potential readers instantly with a magnetic opening to your body copy

✓   Detail your book’s primary takeaways using sharp, benefit-driven statements

✓   Craft powerful, punchy closing lines that leave potential buyers wanting more

✓   Leverage and place endorsement quotes in your marketing copy for maximum impact

✓   Write conversational author bio copy that builds and celebrates your credibility

You can do this. It’s easier than you think!

How to Write Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is as close as you can get to having Casey Demchak sit right beside you as you write your marketing materials.  His step-by-step video instruction is authentic and down to earth. He also injects plenty of humor and inspiration to keep things light and fun. Plus, he doesn’t bog you down in marketing theories or heavy-duty copywriting jargon. He just shows you what you need to know to write exceptional promotional copy for your nonfiction book.

No Outdated Hype and Fluff Techniques

Casey DemchakWhat Casey does not teach is old-school Madison Avenue hype and sizzle writing. Your audience is tired of this approach. And besides, it just doesn’t work when you’re selling books. Instead, Casey shows you what DOES work by sharing examples of marketing copy he’s written for several bestselling nonfiction books. You’ll learn exactly how to write persuasive marketing copy that sounds like you’re having an everyday conversation with potential readers.

Here is a quick overview of what you’ll learn during this three-week live virtual class.

Week 1: Website Sales Page Copy

  • Discover why professionally-crafted marketing copy is essential for your book launch and long-term promotion campaign.
  • Develop benefit-driven website sales page copy that moves readers through a sequence of steps that captures their attention and motivates them to buy your book NOW.

Week 2: Back Cover Copy + Amazon Description Copy

  • Craft compelling at-a-glance friendly back cover copy that entices readers and drives them inside your book to learn more.
  • Find out how to create an Amazon description with an engaging headline and a dynamic message that emphasizes the big takeaways readers will pull from your book.

Week 3: Promotional Eblasts + Author Bio Copy

  • Gain the skills you need to write attention-getting subject lines and conversational “swipe file” copy your colleagues can use to send out promotional eblasts about your book to their followers.
  • Write an authentic “new school” first-person author bio that tells your story and connects you on an emotional level with your fans and readers.

You’ll also receive handy PDF tip sheets and checklists that summarize the formulas and techniques you’ll be learning.


Casey’s Top 9 Copy Polishing Secrets

In addition to your class instruction and handout materials, Casey will reveal his top nine copy polishing secrets throughout this three-week class. As Casey always says, “Good writing is rewriting, and great writing is rewriting some more.” Through this special bonus content you’ll learn how easy it can be to refine and polish your copy to give it a professional shine.

Clients often ask Casey to “work his magic” when writing their book marketing copy. However, Casey will be the first one to tell you that it isn’t really magic or a “gift” he has. Instead, it’s a deliberate process of steps he takes to edit and polish the copy he writes. He’ll reveal exactly how he does it so you can do the same with your book marketing copy – and make people think it’s magic.


As part of your enrollment in How to Write Bestseller Book Marketing Copy, Casey will provide you with a detailed 7-point audit of the back cover copy you write for your book based on his instruction.

This value-added special bonus in itself is worth the price of your class investment!

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To Sum It Up – Here’s Everything You Get!

When you register for How to Write Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you reserve your spot in three weekly one-hour training sessions that provide you with detailed step-by-step instruction on how to write your:

  1. Book website sales page
  2. Back cover copy
  3. Amazon description
  4. Promotional eblasts
  5. Author bio/about copy

Bonus #1: Casey’s Top 9 Copy Polishing Secrets

Bonus #2: A detailed 7-point review by Casey of your back cover copy

 Additional bonus materials:

  1. PDF files of all course PowerPoint presentation slides
  2. PDF checklists based on Casey’s step-by-step writing instruction

You Get All of This for a Much Lower Investment Than You Might Imagine!

How to Write Bestseller Book Marketing Copy is like having Casey Demchak sit by your side as he helps you write your book marketing materials.

However, if he actually did visit you in person to help you write your book marketing copy it would cost you a few thousand dollars or more …and you might have to give him snacks to keep him going! When you enroll in How to Write Bestseller Book Marketing Copy you can learn everything Casey knows about writing bestseller book marketing copy, plus receive all his bonuses for a lot less than you may think.

Important Details

Dates: Thursdays, July 23, July 30, and August 6, 2020

Time: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Duration: Each session lasts up to 75 minutes and includes live Q&A with the instructor

Location: Your home or office–this event is virtual and will be delivered by live Zoom webinar

Course Rate, non-member: $250
Member Rate, Authority & VIP: $167.50 (Visit your member discount page for 33% off discount code.)

Are you ready to write better copy so you can sell more books? Join us!

Includes access to live weekly course, course recordings, bonus materials, and optional review of your back cover copy.

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        Important Note: This program is intended to teach you valuable book marketing copywriting skills. Purchasing this program and learning the writing skills it teaches does not guarantee that your book will become a bestseller.

        Questions or prefer not to register online? Please contact us.