COURSE: Traditional Publishing De-Mystified (or How to Get a Book Deal)

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Welcome to Traditional Publishing De-Mystified. I’m your instructor, Stephanie Chandler, and I will never forget how overwhelmed I felt when I first began seeking a publisher for my book. I had a file folder in my desk that quickly filled with rejection letters.

Then one day I decided to create a folder called “Acceptance Letters” and guess what? It didn’t stay empty for long!

I sold my first book to a publisher directly—all by myself—after months of rejection. By then I had figured out what they were looking for and how I could best position myself—and my book—for a deal.

After that, I landed an agent and sold two more books. I learned a LOT from each of those experiences, and I can help save you much of the heartache that writers experience when seeking their first book deal.

With this course, I’ll take you through the whole process. We’ll cover query letters and proposals and how to find the agents and publishers who are a match for you. The process doesn’t need to be intimidating or overwhelming! You just need to understand how it works and how you can best position yourself for a successful outcome.

If you have a goal of getting your nonfiction book traditionally published, and you envision your book for sale on bookstore shelves, this is the course for you!

You will learn:

  • The pros and cons of traditional publishing
  • What agents and editors are looking for in nonfiction (and why the rules are different for memoir), and how to make yourself stand out
  • How book advances and royalties work and what you can expect
  • Ways to navigate the different types of publishers (small, medium and large houses)
  • All about literary agents: how they work and where to find them
  • What to expect from an agent
  • Strategies for contacting publishers directly
  • What to expect from a publisher
  • How to write an attention-getting query letter
  • How to develop a book proposal that sells
  • Common terms to expect in your author contract and strategies for negotiating
  • The basic steps for preparing your book launch

After the first course session, participants will have a homework assignment to write a query letter, which can be submitted for personal feedback from your instructor.

Whether you’re ready to start pitching right away, or you’re still in the “maybe-eventually” phase, this course takes you through everything you need to know to get on the path to landing your first book deal.

BONUS: You Land a Book Deal, We’ll Give You a Reward!

We want to see our course participants reach their goals! If you land a book deal within six months of completing this course, let us know and we’ll gift you a FULL YEAR of Authority membership in the Nonfiction Authors Association ($190 value)!

Handouts Included

We’ve compiled several handouts for all participants, which you can download immediately as soon as you register for the course.

Here’s what you get:

  • Copy of an actual book proposal that landed a book deal (business book)!
  • Book proposal outline
  • Report: How to Land a Traditional Book Deal
  • Report: How to Write an Irresistible Query Letter by Michael Larsen
  • Report: The 12 Parts of a Perfect Pitch by literary agent Michael Larsen
  • Recording: Jason Gardner, senior editor at New World Library, covers their acquisitions process – from the NFAA teleseminar series
  • Recording: Jennifer Chen Tran, agent with Fuse Literary, shares how agents vet queries and acquire new authors – from the NFAA teleseminar series
  • Report: 100 Ways to Grow an Audience for Your Book
  • Book Launch Checklist

About Your Instructor

stephanie chandler - author - speaker - nonfiction authors associationStephanie Chandler is founder and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association and Nonfiction Writers Conference. She’s also an award-winning author of nine books—both traditionally published and self-published. She has sold books directly to publishers on her own and also via a literary agent. Stephanie walks her talk and has plenty of real-world experience and advice to share. She’s also a frequent speaker at writers’ conferences and events and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Wired, Inc. and Forbes.

Course Dates and Time

Tuesdays: August 23 and August 30, 1pm PST / 4pm EST

Traditional Publishing De-Mystified is delivered in two LIVE webinar sessions of up to 90 minutes each, including plenty of time for participant Q&A. With webinar access, you can watch from your computer or mobile device or opt to listen to the audio-version only.

Not available to attend the live course? The replay and recording will be available immediately following the event!

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  • Pat Flynn – Passive Income for Authors – NFWC 2016
  • Helen Sedwick – Protecting Your Rights and Your Wallet: Copyright, Trademarks and Other Legal Details for Authors – NFWC 2016
  • Cathey Armillas – How to Pitch, Prepare and Deliver a Killer TED Talk – NFWC 2015
  • Dana Lynn Smith – How to Launch and Market Your Book – NFWC 2015
  • Linda Hollander – How to Attract Lucrative Corporate Sponsorships – NFWC 2014
  • Jason Van Orden – Leverage Video and Podcasting to Build Your Audience – NFWC 2014
  • Chris Garrett – Blogging for Authors – NFWC 2013
  • Sandra Beckwith – DIY PR – NFWC 2013

You will receive the above downloadable recordings immediately upon registration.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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