Module 1 Welcome!
Unit 1 Welcome!
Module 2 Travel Writing Books and Resources
Unit 1 Books and Writing Resources
Unit 2 The Beginning, the Middle, and the End
Unit 3 The Shape of Your Story  - Preview
Module 3 Story Structure (Beginning, Middle, End)
Unit 1 Story Structure Exercises
Unit 2 Story Structure: Plot
Module 4 Story Structure (Plot, Themes, Scenes)
Unit 1 The Structure of Your Story
Unit 2 Story Structure Exercises
Module 5 Module 5 - Story and Character Arcs
Unit 1 Introduction to Narrative (Story) and Character Arcs
Unit 2 Travel Writing - Narrative (Story) Arc
Unit 3 Travel Writing - Character Arcs
Module 6 Module 6 - Layering and Enriching Your Writing
Unit 1 Layering and Enriching Your Writing
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