Reviews help sell books, and as authors we are all eager for good reviews. When a new review shows up on Amazon, Goodreads, Redroom, or on a blog, it can be cause for celebration. Well, here’s an easy idea to build more loyalty with your readers: Send a thank-you to those who review your book.

Many online reviewers maintain an online profile so that you can click to find out more information about them. Sometimes the profile features a website or email address, or at least a brief bio about the reviewer. Once you have at least a name and a rough idea about who they are, you can quickly search Google to see if you can locate contact information.

It takes just a few minutes of your time to track down a reviewer-far less time than it took him/her to read your book and write a review! Writing a quick note via email (or if you really want to dazzle, via snail mail) will leave a lasting impression and help you build relationships with lifelong fans. Plus, it’s kind of fun!