As you continue to market your books, it’s a good idea to track your progress beyond sales numbers. There will be many other causes for celebration: when you land a media interview, when you’re invited to speak at a big industry event, when you write an article for a trade publication, or when your book receives a nice review on a blog. Do yourself a favor and keep track of these victories, large and small.

Start a binder to keep your “clips,” which are cutouts or printouts of media mentions. Also keep track of accomplishments with either a spreadsheet, a simple list on a Word document, or on slips of paper you tuck into a jar. At the end of each year you will begin to see that you’ve made a lot more progress than you realized.

Recently, a past client called to tell me that after following my advice for years, publishing several books and blogging consistently, he received a phone call inviting him to host his own radio show with a local radio station! These are the kinds of victories you may not see immediately, but can come over time.