Digital Book Marketing Opportunities for Non-fiction Authors

Digital Book Marketing Opportunities for Non-fiction Authors


A blog can be a creative outlet for a writer, not to mention a powerful promotion tool. Update it frequently (at least three times per week) and over time your traffic is bound to increase. To start yours, check out or

Social Media

Sites like, and are ripe for finding and building an audience. Create an interesting profile and get active in social networking communities. Invest a little time each day, be engaging, share great content and watch your fan base grow!

Internet Radio

Unlike traditional radio where you might be interviewed for 10 minutes, online radio shows, podcasts and teleseminars typically have guests on for up to an hour. An added bonus: listeners are often at their computers ready to buy! To find relevant shows, search Google for keywords and investigate shows archived on iTunes. Also check out sites like,,,


Kindle books are currently outselling all books on Amazon. Ebooks are also being read on Barnes and Noble’s Nook, the iPhone, the iPad, home PCs and many other devices. Now is the time to embrace this excellent opportunity for authors to get exposure and earn higher royalties. Set up an account with and

Conduct a Virtual Book Tour

Contact bloggers, teleseminar hosts, and internet radio shows and let them know that you are available for interviews. Book tours are typically conducted over a period of time (two to four weeks). Cross-promote the event by posting announcements through your social media channels and blog.

Article Marketing

For years I have used article marketing as one of my top strategies. Here’s how it works: write a brief article (700 to 1,000 words) and make that article available to others to reprint on their websites and in their blogs. In exchange, users must publish your brief bio—a single paragraph about you, your book, and your website. You can distribute your articles through content directories such as, and Also offer your articles for reprint to websites that reach your target audience!

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