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Post Quantum Reality
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Simple Answers to the Toughest Questions in Science and Religion
Andy McPhee
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Donora Death Fog: Clean Air and the Tragedy of a Pennsylvania Mill Town
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Donora Death Fog tells the story of a deadly six-day smog in a steel and zinc mill town in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1948 that killed 21 people and led directly to the nation's first clean air act. The book details the very human story behind this ecological disaster: how wealthy industrialists built the mills to supply an ever-growing America; how the town’s residents—millworkers and their families—willfully ignored the danger of the mills’ emissions; and how the gradual closing of the mills over the years following the tragedy took its toll on the town.
Nightly Inspirations from the Heart of God
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Nightly Inspirations from the Heart of God
Book Description
Do you want to make a difference in the world?
Do you feel alone?
There are many different poems on various subjects in this book.
It was written to empower and encourage you on a daily basis.
Diana Stout
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Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot
Book Description
Reading this book equates to working with a life coach. Discover how to find your purpose and your WHY. Author includes first-hand accounts of how she found her fire and applied her discoveries, universal law, and positive energy to achieve her goals. - Amazon reader
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Mentoring Lifts and Inspires: Women Empowering Women
Book Description
Are you looking to fast-track your professional goals? How about discovering a clearer path for career advancements? Or increasing your self-confidence to the next level?

Whether you’re just starting your career, returning to the workforce, changing careers, or striving for promotions or advancements…

Working with a mentor will help you:

1. Take control of your life and dreams
2. Set and complete meaningful goals
3. Grow confidence and belief in yourself
4. Make the most of your hard-earned skills
5. Increase your earning potential
6. Conquer limiting beliefs
7. Gain hope for your future

Imagine if you had a trusted guide, who your best interest at heart, ready to share a vault of personal experiences. Working with a mentor can empower you to go further, faster, with more joy and fulfillment!

In this book, you’ll learn:

 What mentoring is, and is not
 Characteristics of great mentors and mentees
 How to find a mentor
 How to create a great mentoring relationship
 The benefits of mentoring programs
 Different mentoring models


Twenty-nine amazing personal stories, from a wide range of women, offer their unique perspectives on how mentoring made lasting impacts on their lives.
Barbara A Parish
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Watercolor Value To Color Parallel
Book Description
See The Value and Match The Color
Oak Valley Media, LLC
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The Snyderverse Saga: The Culture-Shattering Phenomena Behind Zack Snyder's DC Film Universe
Book Description
In the midst of a superhero takeover with groundbreaking films bringing comic books to the big screen on an unprecedented scale, one cinematic saga would forever alter the landscape of superhero movies and Hollywood ...

Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. As three of the most iconic heroes of all time, the task of translating these beloved DC Comics characters and their stories to film would be the ultimate challenge for any director. By embracing this challenge, Zack Snyder-who gained popularity following successes with 300 and Watchmen-would find himself at the epicenter of controversy. Shaped by studio conflicts, creative differences, increasingly divisive public opinion, social media, the COVID-19 pandemic, and personal tragedy, the making of Snyder's films (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League) would come together to form a remarkable tale.

In The Snyderverse Saga, entertainment journalist Daryn Kirscht chronicles the epic behind-the-scenes true story of Snyder's DC Comics films, their revolutionary impact on superhero movies and Hollywood, and the power of the fandom in fighting for creative freedom. After achieving victory following the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement, a new wave is on the rise with #RestoreTheSnyderVerse to adapt the cinematic landscape to the modern world... a "Knightmare" world.

Will the "Snyderverse" continue? Only time will tell...
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90 Days through the Bible
Book Description
Bible study encourages and guides you through the entire Bible in just three months.
Evelyn J. Starr
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Teenage Wastebrand: How Your Brand Can Stop Struggling and Start Scaling
Book Description
Break through your brand’s invisible barrier.

Has your business hit a wall? Have you struggled to figure out why?

Business owners bear the burden of chief brand builder. You think it will get easier once you get past start-up mode, but growth brings more to manage, not less.

It’s hard to know if you’re doing well.

When your numbers climb, they signal success to you. But then they level off. And refuse to budge.

Your brand’s hit its awkward adolescent stage.

Based on 30 years of marketing experience and extensive study, brand expert Evelyn Starr shows you how to identify what holds your brand back and overcome it.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll discover:

• The eight symptoms adolescent brands display, including identity crisis, oversleeping, and suffering from FOMO.

• Specific questions to help you diagnose the symptom hindering your brand.

• How brands like FedEx, Netflix, Spotify, and Crocs navigated their adolescence to emerge stronger.

• What business owners like you have done to course correct their brands and what worked best.

• Step-by-step guides to help you exit that stage ready to scale.

Finally, you can stop guessing what your brand needs. With the right pieces in place, your brand will be ready for its next leap of growth.

If you like sports and entertainment stories, easy-to-understand explanations, and plenty of examples, you’ll love how this book demystifies your brand woes and helps you fix them. Get it now to jump-start your business growth!