Melanie D
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Love Check: How Do You Measure Up?
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Imagine what a world FULL of love would look like... The phrase "I love you" is tossed around quite loosely at times, but that love hits different when it's real. This book will challenge you to take a closer look at yourself and others through the eyes of Love. You'll discover what real love looks like, feels like, sounds like, acts like - and ways to improve your love walk. You'll discover some wisdom for the ages that only comes from God, experience and proven insight from those who have walked the walk and talked the talk. Go on a journey with me as we delve deeper into this wonder called Love.
Donna M. Kshir
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You Are Enough (2022) / UnMasked (2017)
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You Are Enough is a photobook of 9 women who have faced adversity in their lifetime and have overcome it. They defeated issues with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, mental health, infertility, illness, crisis, disabilities, and body image to become independent, stronger, and more confident women.

Society and social networking platforms show us beautiful photographs of what we should look like and what we could look like if we use the right products, followed the right diet, exercise daily, and use the right products. They tell us that we, too, could be supermodels and be worthy of love, acceptance, and value but even by following a vigorous routine we somehow still fall short. Due to issues such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence in ourselves, and poor body image, we are made to feel unworthy and unloved when in fact the image they are selling us is unrealistic without proper lighting, filters, photoshopping, and excess plastic surgery.

In this book, each woman shares their story, along with raw, unedited photographs taken by the photographer and the owner of CJ Photography, Cynthia Harkinson. They have chosen to tell their story and use unedited photographs to show they are beautiful and they are enough, just as they are in true form without society's interpretation of what they should be through photoshopping and filters. Each of these women knows they are enough just as they are and you, too, are enough, just as you are.

The Foreword is written by radio personality, public speaker, child rights activist, and author Laurie Ann Smith.

Writers and models include Layla Anthony, Cynthia Harkinson, photographer, Donna Kshir (cover 1) Cynthia Probst, Brittany Nelen, Lee Cougardawn Roberts (cover 2), Laurie Ann Smith, Denise Maris, Michelle Whitney and Katrina Caitlin.

You Are Enough was published by Donna M. Kshir and Lee Cougardawn Roberts of Northern Books.

On 11/-7/2022 You Are Enough hit #38 on Amazon's bestsellers list for Photo Essay Books.

As an advocate people tend to forget there is more to us than meets the eye. We are husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. Although advocacy is never ending, at the end of the day, we too go home to our loved ones.

After a decade of working with some of the top influential advocates in the country, we proposed the question,

"What is something in your life people would not really know?"

The goal was to unmask each advocate, as an individual, in a personal light with their family, friends and loved ones; allowing the public to see for the first time the individual behind the mask of an advocate.

These raw and unedited poems, short stories, thoughts and letters of beautifully penned stories of hope, loss, pain, healing, inspiration, love, sorrow, courage and strength illuminate the unexpected twists and turns of life's hurdles that later become known as our blessings.

Now, join us and share the personal stories and discover the extraordinary lives of the men and women who protect and serve our most precious.

'UnMasked' is available in 3 limited edition covers and eBook formats. ALL proceeds go to abused children and homeless organizations!

Featured Writers: Patricia McKnight, Donna Kshir, Lee Roberts, Deana Dixon, Mark Palmer, Patrick Dati, Joshua Murphy, Mike Pistorino, Jane Alvarez, Mashanna Bachuss-Waggoner,Terry Rink, Sharon Young, Warren Van Gaasbeck, Star Myers, Bob Shank, Bailey Scott, Blayze Justice, Isabelle Esling and Pastor Darick Biondi.
Stephanie Krol
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What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You: Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog: Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog
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2023 FIREBIRD BOOK AWARD, Winner of the two categories: Reference, and Diet & Nutrition - Animal/Pet and 2nd place Winner of Animal/Pet Semi-finalist

BookLife Prize 2023

Midwest Book Awards (Silver-Finalist) 2023, Nonfiction Business

WINNER 2022 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD (IPA), Distinguished Favorite - Animals -Pets

WINNER 2022 INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION (IBPA), Benjamin Franklin Award - Animal & Pet Silver

2021 & 2022 NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL Best Seller Amazon

WINNER 2022 LIVING NOW BOOK AWARDS (IPPY), Gold Medal Winner - Animal/Pets

WINNER 2022 NYC BIG BOOK AWARD (GABBY Book Awards), Animal - Pets Nonfiction & NYC 2022 BIG BOOK AWARD, Distinguished Favorite for Book Cover in Nonfiction category

FINALIST 2022 THE IAN BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS, The Independent Author Network

2022 FINALISTS in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

indieBRAG, B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree 2022 WINNER



EMBARK ON A JOURNEY of hope and healing with What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You: Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog by Dr. Stephanie Krol, a compassionate advocate for animal wellness. She takes readers on a roller coaster ride through her struggle to save her beloved dog Winston. When faced with the news that Winston had just a few months to live, Dr. Krol refused to accept defeat. She hit the pause button on her world and embarked on a mission to defy the odds.

Drawing on her knowledge of functional medicine and her deep understanding of health, disease, traditional veterinary medicine, and other healing modalities, she delved into research about pet healing methods and settled on a species-appropriate raw food diet. Dr. Krol became a certified specialist, creating nutrition plans for her dog that were rooted in biology and common sense. Against all odds, Winston survived and thrived.

Now, Dr. Krol empowers pet owners by offering the latest research in pet health and wellness. She reveals the healing principles that help reverse disease and create true health in our pets. If you crave straight talk about vaccines, surgeries, pills, supplements, disease states, inflammation, alternate diets, and healing methodologies, you'll find the answers here.

Join Dr. Stephanie Krol on this transformative journey and discover how to optimize your pets' health with a biologically appropriate diet and save them from unnecessary pain and suffering. What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You is a lifeline for pet owners who want to give their pets the love and health they deserve.
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Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for "Accidental" Diversity Experts
Book Description
This book is designed for anyone thinking about Inclusion and Diversity in their business or organization. It provides practical advice on safely and effectively leading culture change. Whether you are one person working with zero budget, or have funding and an enthusiastic team supporting the effort, there is something in here for you.

In Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts, Dr. Jen O'Ryan offers a three-part roadmap for anyone implementing inclusion and diversity initiatives in the workplace: how to launch projects from the initial concept to post-delivery activities, lead people through cultural change, and design inclusive programs for LGBTQ+ individuals (and everyone else).

This heartfelt guide teaches through personable anecdotes, emphasizing human connection, and practical application when developing inclusive practices. Jen's tactics are designed move your I&D projects from 'good intentions' and ideation, to implementation and managing humans through change.
Guy Boulianne
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La Société fabienne: les maîtres de la subversion démasqués (French)
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After having traced a history, the breeding ground on which the Fabienne Society was able to establish itself - the City of London and the vogue for socialism and communism - the author sets out to demonstrate how this society infiltrates all over the world and in all strata of society, through their promoters and its school to format the minds of its students, London School Economics, with the aim of disseminating their ideas of world domination.