Samantha Garcia
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Regenerative Business: How to Align Your Business with Nature for More Abundance, Fulfillment, and Impact
Book Description
What kind of impact could your business make if you integrated the most powerful systems on Earth: THE SYSTEMS OF NATURE?

Since the Industrial Revolution, much of human history has revolved around conquering Nature. But just as species have been hunted to extinction and forests have been leveled to create farmland and factories, the wildness inside you, too, has been suppressed.

You’ve been taught that your wildness is unsafe. You’ve distanced yourself from the untamed parts of your soul: your creativity, your prolific ideas, your truest life.

But to become the business owner you long to be, you need to unleash your wildness.

Regenerative business creates fertile ground within you to unearth and express your soul purpose. It stewards a version of you that’s fully in bloom. It’s creative, healing, and intentional, and it births a better world for future generations.

This book will not only help you get in touch with your truest, unrestrained self. It will also help you use the principles of Nature to realign your business with your unique essence for all the abundance, fulfillment, and impact you crave.

"This is the book I've been praying for someone to write.” - Simone Seol, Life Coach, Author, Philanthropist. & Multiple-7-Figure Online Business Owner

"Regenerative Business is a powerful guide for business owners and leaders who want to have a positive impact on the world. Using Nature's Principles as the model, Samantha shows us how we can create alignment, balance and harmony through the vehicle of our businesses.” - Amanda 'Pua' Walsh, Founder & CEO Astrology Hub
Judith Ellison Shenouda
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A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts
Book Description
A Step, a Stroll, a Blog, a Book: Collecting My Thoughts wraps up a decade of favorite postings from the author’s blog. The years from 2011 through 2021 proved to be productive, thoughtful, and meaningful ones for this owner of a technical communication business who has authored and published books that allowed her to be expressive and creative with words and topics of interest. With much to blab and blog about, 30 plus blog postings—organized in chapters titled Calendar, Writing, Business, Communities, Passages, and Her Company—reveal wit, warmth, and wisdom.

In the posting “Starts and Stops” the author wrote I started. I persevered. I finished. This might just explain how a step becomes a stroll and how a blog becomes a book. In this little gem of a book, we learn what it takes to make progress.
Irma Parone
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WINX: The Problem Solving Model to Win Exponentially with Customers, Employees & Your Bottom Line.
Book Description
Inside this ultimate business guide, you’ll join international best-selling author and sought-after leadership consultant Irma Parone as she reveals a proven action plan for leveling up your organization and applying WINX to your business challenges. With a practical and down-to-earth approach, this audiobook helps aspiring and established business owners develop a thriving WINX-based culture and maximize their bottom line through easy-to-implement strategies.

As CEO of the Parone Group and a seasoned businesswoman with over 20 years of experience, Irma knows first-hand how challenging it can be to build and maintain a successful business. She aims to provide actionable advice that will radically reshape the way you tackle problems within your organization, so you can win more customers, empower happy employees, and scale your income.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

Everyone from early-career-stage to senior managers to executive leaders can benefit from this process.
The revolutionary eight step WINX process to transform your organization.
Illuminating new ways to look at problem-solving (and how to tackle challenges big and small).
The art of evaluation: how to know if your solution will just make things worse.
Tips and tricks for managing your team and surrounding yourself with those who want you to succeed.
And much more!

With a mix of real-life stories and tons of tried-and-tested strategies, WINX: The Problem-Solving Model to Win Exponentially with Customers, Employees, & Your Bottom Line offers you a framework that’s perfect for small and medium businesses, all the way up to international companies. This audiobook is a must listen for entrepreneurs, managers, business leaders, CEOs, and anybody who wants to start building a better business culture.
Kemi Akintewe
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Goal Redeemer
Rachel Landry
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Being Bud & Val
Book Description
A story of lives well lived, especially together.
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A compelling read propelled by actual journal entries and poetry on my journey from 1956 to the present with bipolar I disorder. It begins in 1998, when I was diagnosed, and then shows the history and story of what bipolar disorder can be like. The mixed genre flows smoothly with some narration to give the readers breaks and a clear path in transition.
Daria Astara
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Right to Petition/Tisdale