Erica Secor

Erica Secor
Erica Secor
Confessions of a PhDidn’t: How to Quit Grad School Like a Champ
If surviving grad school is a piece of cake, then “Confessions of a PhDidn’t: How to Quit Grad School Like a Champ” is the Ex-Lax. This guide provides confessions, resources, tips, and deliverables for recognizing the need and making the decision to withdraw from grad school.

While there are many great guides on getting into, surviving, or what to do after grad school like Karen Kelsky’s “The Professor Is In”, or Adam Ruben’s “Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School,” none address what to do when you want out.

“Confessions of a PhDidn’t” is an antidote to grad student anxiety, stress, and burnout.
South Carolina
Erica Secor earned her Ed.M. in Education from SUNY Buffalo. She lives with her husband and two rescue dogs in South Carolina. When she is not teaching college writing, she writes nonfiction and middle grade horror. Erica welcomes connections on LinkedIn or Twitter via @TheDavisGirl or @PhDidnt.

Never stop quitting.