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Inside Job Interviews: Secrets to Doing Everything right, so...YOU'RE HIRED!
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This book spills the secrets to the strategies to the most critical part of the job search process - the interview.

Learn how:
To Discover the #1 secret to getting the join
Dress appropriately for the interview
Answer the interview questions correctly
Eliminate anxiety and nervousness and gain confidence
Discover the right questions to ask the interviewer

This book will be instrumental with you hearing the words, YOU'RE HIRED!
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Vallejo, CA - USA
Author bio
Brenda Ferguson Hodges has become the voice for career success. As founder and CEO of Brenda Ferguson Hodges & Company, she has created a dynamic enterprise that is devoted to helping women in transition and college students around the world.

Brenda’s journey into entreprenuerialship didn’t come easy. With over 25 years of climbing the corporate ladder in Human Resources and recruiting and interviewing the best and the brightest staff for major fortune 1000 corporations, including Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, and Lucas Film, just to name a few. She has recruited the best amongst physicians, attorney’s, scientists, engineers, sales, accountants, executives and list goes on. Brenda began feeling unfulfilled and unable to make a difference in people’s lives.

Over the last five years in corporate she explored what she really wanted to do and realized it was time to start her own business. You see, while interviewing people all those years she was continuously amazed how people reacted to interviewing for jobs. She could tell they were terrified and made so many mistakes during the interview process. People would be in her office literally shaking, sweating and sometimes crying out desperately how bad they needed a job.

Brenda found it hard to believe that more people were not like her – who found interviewing fascinating and enjoyed meeting new people and personalities.

Brenda’s success rate of getting any job she interviewed for was 9 out of 10 times. It was easy for her and she loved meeting new people, analyzing personalities and making connections with people in order to land the job.

But just wait one minute...

But success was not instant. While still employed, Brenda realized that her true passion and calling and her natural abilities was as a gifted coach and mentor. She attended Coach University and started her coaching business on a part-time basis and it became extremely difficult to maintain two jobs.

Brenda quickly reflected on this experience and knew that to fulfill her self-employment dreams; she must first discover what it took to create a truly successful business. As a parent, she knew failure was not an option in her quest to become self-employed on a full-time basis.

Discovering the interview success formula…

Brenda’s prevailing belief was, “I know I have the formula for interviewing and will build a successful business to show others how they can have it too.” With that, she made the decision to market her business.

Realizing she has the interview formula for getting and maintaining jobs, she immediately began researching her business and marketing plans. She immersed herself with marketing/business coaches, books, audios, and seminars.

A Magnet for Women in Transition

From there more and more college students, graduates and women in transition were drawn to Brenda’s authentic, motivational, inspirational, action-oriented and results-focused coaching. They began showing up asking for Brenda’s expert advice on interviewing, resume writing and coaching successfully.

This has led to the launch of where Brenda spends her time coaching and mentoring college students and women in transition; with a heartfelt passion to bring the career success recipe to job seekers.

Reaching Out to Thousands

In addition to her Bi-weekly Ezine that goes out to thousands who have showed up to her website looking for career success help, Brenda most enjoys sharing her message in person.
She also wrote a book and guide in order to help people interview more successfully, “Inside Job Interviews: Secrets to Doing Everything Right, so…YOU’RE HIRED!

In addition to being featured on radio shows, TV shows and newspaper articles, Brenda is out speaking at live events, revealing easy lucrative strategies that job seekers can instantly put into action.

And Keeping It Simple

Brenda is upbeat and a very down-to-earth mom who likes to keep life simple. When she’s not consulting for major corporations (she likes to know how employers are attracting talent), or taking her high energy to speaking gigs, she loves spending time with her husband and daughter, attending music concerts, and traveling to relax and explore new countries.

For the answers to frequently asked questions about Brenda and her products and programs, you may call us at 707-648-7991 or email us here.

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Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

If you don’t wake up in the morning excited to pick up where you left your work yesterday, you haven’t found your calling yet. -Mike Wallace

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