Carol Walden

Carol Walden
Carol Walden
A Thriving Guide for Artists in the 21st Century
A guide for artists of all types to thrive instead of just surviving.
The Pre-Colonial Trees of Cathedral Drive
The Girl Who Whispered Horse
For the last thirty years, I have had a passionate interest and involvement in art, writing and publishing. I write webcopy and social media posts for environmental NGOs.
The books I have written are designed to raise environmental awareness and social conscience in readers young and old.

I have had roles in project management, publishing, editing, curating, consultancy, teaching and running my own art practice. My degree in Media & Communications will be finished at the end of this coming summer Trimester. It was tailored to engage in leadership, management, marketing, communications, and creative and organisational writing, particularly in the arts and sustainability. It has given me a deep understanding and a platform upon which to engage with the arts at professional and community levels. I have gained experience in setting up and running events, art galleries, art consultancy, publishing, editing, and coordinating arts projects.
Sleep, the creative class, environment and social conscience.

This too shall pass.