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Standing Naked at 10 Below: Exposing Your Product in the Media
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Imagine that you're standing alone, cold and helpless in today's difficult fiscal environment with an enormous amount of stress, frustration and anxiety being compiled upon you, like pressure from a vice as you're being stripped down to nothing but your bare minimum. Now throw into the mix a bit of helpless uncertainty because the bills are starting to pile up and you have no clue how to generate more income in today's extremely difficult economy to make it another day. What's going to be your next move?

• Do you know how to get yourself, your product or your company exposed on the TODAY Show, the Early Show or any other national, regional or local TV news show, magazine, newspaper, radio or blog without the expense of a PR firm?

• Do you have any idea how to get your product, service, message or brand publicized in the media to potential millions for free?

• Are you tired of those bills piling up, afraid you might lose it all with that next important decision?

• Do you know how to write an effective pitch or press release and/or locate any media contact without buying a list?

Come and expose yourself with me!
Additional Book Titles
The Color Crazy: You Wear It So Well

Relationships and dating might be a game, but they definitely aren’t for starry-eyed tennis professional Michael Cincade, and he’s had enough! A healthy relationship, love and a meaningful connection becomes nothing more than an endless dream as each intoxicating woman he meets turns his life not only upside down, but also inescapably into a deceptive and abyssal nightmare full of erotic domination, emotional exploitation, deceitful betrayal, and steadfast lies. Now it’s Michael’s turn!

This first edition of The Color Crazy looks at the unbelievable journey of a true romantic who’s met more crazier women than anyone could imagine. What always seems wonderful at first inevitably turns into a twisting and winding road of the strange and bizarre, as nothing makes sense in this chapter-by-chapter chronicle of the unexplained behaviors of women who have one thing in common: They wear the color crazy so well . . . or do they?
Author bio
Todd Edwards is the creator and originator of the branded writing style Reality Rhyming® that's based on the premise, "If Your Life Was A Poem, What Would It Say?®" and "If Your Pet's Life Was A Poem, What Would It Say?®" and is a distinguished celebrity poet and an expert in his field. He has designed Reality Rhyming® personalized poems for celebrities such as: Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Martha Stewart, Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa, Suzanne Somers, Kathie Lee Gifford, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Black Eyed Peas Will I Am, Blue Collar Comedy's Bill Engvall, Maria Sharapova, Jeana Keough of the Housewives of Orange County, Hoda Kotb, Contemporary Artist Romero Britto and many others, along with collaborating with more than 30 philanthropic organizations and charities.

Todd's work has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, the TODAY Show, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, NPR and numerous others, as well as being exposed in a vast amount of other media sources and outlets throughout the country. Todd has his B.A. in Communication, his M.S. in Exceptional Student Education and his Ed.S in Educational Leadership, all obtained from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. He is also a former USTA #1 state ranked (Florida) and top 10 nationally ranked (United States) tennis player.
Professional Speaker Topics
Public Relations (media), Marketing and Advertising
Tennis (certified USPTA Teaching Professional)
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If Your Life Was A Poem, What Would It Say?

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